Channel Nine’s A Current Affair show ran a story on Tap & Go Fraud

A big thank you to Tracy Grimshaw & Trevor Long for featuring on ACA Armourcard and a running a great story raising awareness of the vulnerabilities surrounding the technology that most of us already have in our wallets and purses.

Trevor Long went on to show how easy it was with freely available software on an NFC enabled smartphone to actually skim credit card details of a card.
As Ben mentioned in the report, the criminals use better equipment than a smartphone and will be able to skim you from a greater distance just like brushing past you in the street or on public transport
or in your local shopping mall.

Your personal data can be skimmed and sent instantly across the other side of the world to clone onto a mag-stripe card.

Trevor also mentioned that this technology becoming more accepted into our lives could open the floodgates to profiling your data for more identity theft-related crimes.

Tyler Harris, Armourcard CEO was featured showing how an Australian invention is helping prevent this wireless skimming crime by our product Armourcard.

Armourcard is the only product in the world to actively jam the frequency (or communication link) between your credit cards and the criminals with readers trying to wirelessly skim your data.