Tracey Grimshaw & the team at A Current Affair including reporter Alison Piotrowki and technology expert Trevor Long recently ran a report (on-air date 4 December 2014) about the growing concern over criminals being able to wireless skim your data.

Overall it was a good report & we think that its great that the mainstream media is bringing this crime to light for the benefit of the consumers know it is happening now today.

We are a little concerned they did not offer a solution, which if they had researched further could have featured Armourcard.

Armourcard is not only an Australian invention but the only protect to offer 2nd generation protection that electronically protects peoples credit cards & ePassports data from being wirelessly skimmed.

We have again been in contact with the A Current Affair team to do a follow-up story with the solution but have yet NOT heard a thing, same as last time they ran a story and we followed up with them.

Come on Tracey & the ACA team don’t you think that an Australian invention that is leading the world in protecting customers data from this crime is worth a mention and your support.

We will keep trying to get media support in our own country for an Australian start-up & world leading invention. It seems the US media gives Armourcard more play than their Australian counterparts.