Armourcard has again been featured in the News Limited national Sunday papers across Australia in there travel lift out magazine ‘Escape’ in the travel essentials area ‘What to Pack’ on the 7 August 2016.

Tyler Harris the director went on to say

What a great surprise to be featured again in such a great weekend travel magazine, Escape, that is distributed in all the News Limited Sunday Newspapers

Harris went on to say…

It is a testament to our product offering as being not only the first to produce a Active RFID Micro Jammer in the world but to only offer the most superior protection from this type of invisible crime across a broad spectrum of products from Tap & Go credit cards, ePassports to hotel keys, travel passes and building entry keys that work on the global standard frequency for contact-less devices of 13.56Mhz.

We are a proud Australian company who have invented and patented this technology to help protect your personal information from being skimmed and used often without you ever knowing when or where it happened to you.

You can purchase your Armourcard from our online store or find a local retailer stocking Armourcard near you.

Make sure when you next travel, you travel with the superior protection that only Armourcard can provide.

Stay safe and be vigilant in protecting your data.