When does a simple pleasure like a hug turn into a world of identity theft pain.

There is a new wave of identity theft wireless skimming hitting the streets, the perpetrators don’t even need to boost a RFID readers signal strength. They simply ask for a hug.! That’s right a nice heart warming hug can now get your credit card data skimmed.
It’s been reported by WXIA-TV in the USA that this crime is happening and preying on the good will of people.
In other reports this simple yet effective means to wirelessly skim your data can easily be cloaked by other alternative means like posing as a street charity worker collecting funds or someone who needs assistance on the side of the road changing a tyre.
What a thought that now even the humble feel good hug can be used to wirelessly skim your identity data.
Why not put an Armourcard in your wallet so hugging can still be a warm, fuzzy & safe thing to still do. Don’t let the criminals deny us this simple pleasure as well.

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