Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a type of fraud.

ID theft can involve stealing money or someone pretending to be someone else to gain benefits by fraudulently using the stolen identity. Having your identity stolen can be an extreme hassle and both financially and emotionally devastating.

Identity theft can occur in many ways, from somebody skimming your RFID enabled credit card details illegally to having your entire identity assumed by another person to open bank accounts, take out loans and conducting illegal business under your name.

Technology has often made Identity Theft even easier for the criminals

Some technologies that are now in use by financial institutions and Governments like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) have proven to be both a convenient technology ( for example ‘Tap & Go’ payment gateways, Citizen Cards, ePassports, Toll tags, Building security entry cards etc) as well as a vulnerable technology.

This very same technology can be used to hack/skim your personal data the same way a legitimate transaction can occur by skimmers through electronic pickpocketing or wireless skimming as it is often referred too. We had the same fears for our personal data so we developed ARMOURCARD.

At ARMOURCARD we held the same fears and could see that the global roll-out of RFID technologies could only led to an increase in Identity Theft, so we developed an ‘Active RFID Protection’ devise called ARMOURCARD.

You simply place ARMOURCARD in your wallet or purse near your RFID enabled credit cards and ARMOURCARD will provide ‘Active RFID Protection’ if & when someone tries to electronically skim your data from your cards.

To find out more about ARMOURCARD‘s ‘Active RFID Protection’ and how it can protect you from Identity Theft see here.

Please note: Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass & American Express ExpressPay are all registered trademarks of the aforementioned relevant card issuing companies. These companies do not sponsor or officially endorse this website. ARMOURCARD’s only association is that we are able to protect these companies cards from being wirelessly skimmed with our patented technology.