Australia – Police bust card fraud ring, taxi with credit card skimming
devices installed as a way of getting your card details

taxisWith all the flack taxi drivers have gotten over the last few years, like not knowing where to go to even major landmarks like “take me to the Sydney Opera House” and the driver doesn’t know where it is and has to ring someone for directions or perhaps can’t speak English well enough to understand.

Plus once the smell of body odour settles inside the cab, it’s the extortionate prices you get charged if your one of the lucky ones to get a cab late night in most major cities.

Now you have to be on the look-out for credit card skimming devices fitted to the payment terminals within a cab.

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The NSW police force arrested & charged a 37 year old Sydney man on Wednesday with more than 30 offences relating to fraud, money laundering and illegally dealing with identity information.

indexThe officers from strike force Somersham also raided a Punchbowl home, in the cities south-west & seized blank cards, computer equipment and sheets of credit card numbers.

The police spokeswomen said…

stolen credit card information used to produce bogus cards resulted purchases totaling hundreds of thousands.

Police allege that the victims’ card details were stolen when paying for goods on devices fitted with card skimmers, including devices that have been fitted to taxis.

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