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Australian Invention Blazes a Trail in Identity Protection Technology

Media Release – A Sydney-based and owned company ARMOURCARD has developed the first active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protection device for people who are serious about securing their identity.

The ARMOURCARD device actively blocks RFID signals, preventing personal data found on items such as credit cards and ePassports from being poached and used by identity thieves.

Differing from other more passive forms of protection such as credit card wallets or sleeves ARMOURCARD is a card that sits in one’s wallet and actively jams the RFID signals when a reader tries to interrogate cards or ePassports – making it impossible for hackers to obtain personal information.

Founded in 2012, ARMOURCARD is the brainchild of CEO Tyler Harris.

Tyler says in today’s technologically evolved world, we can’t be too careful.

No longer can we assume our personal data is private like in days gone by, now we have to actively work hard to keep private our personal data in this open airwaves information age, he said.

In this day and age it is imperative that personally, we are at the forefront when it comes to protecting and securing our own identity.

We live in a world where technological advancements have made it possible for personal information to be easily seized over open airwaves and used by identity thieves.

Devices such as credit cards, ePassports, drivers licenses, loyalty cards and even library cards, all contain sensitive personal identity data stored within a micro-chip. This leaves regular people extremely vulnerable to professional criminals and hackers who can intercept your data using the same RFID technologies.

The CEO said the idea for an active RFID protection device came out of a basic need to secure my own personal data from this growing crime.

We felt extremely sceptical and concerned about the level of security currently on the market surrounding these technologies, Tyler said.

No longer are we dealing with risks linked purely to the criminally minded – there are even apps being created, for example, that can be downloaded to Smartphones, transforming a regular phone into a credit card skimming device.

And if relative novices like ourselves were able to access personal data off credit cards so easily, imagine what the professional criminals and hackers can achieve it’s pretty frightening stuff, he said.

ARMOURCARD costs $59.99 Australian Dollars. To purchase ARMOURCARD or to learn more about it visit

The CEO contact details are below. Tyler can both be contacted for interviews or to answer questions.

 CEO & Founder: Tyler Harris

Email: [email protected]

Linkedin: Tyler Harris on Linkedin

Postal: P.O.Box 284, AVALON BEACH 2107


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