Off Grid Magazine features Armourcard as a must have productOFF GRID Magazine reviews both passive devices & Armourcard’s active superior countermeasure for protecting your RFID enabled credit cards & passports from wireless skimming

In the latest issue of the urban survival magazine called OFF GRID Magazine, they have written an article called “Shields Up” – Protect Yourself Against Wireless RFID Identity Theft.
Armourcard is featured heavily within the article and is the only product on offer that offers a ’Active Countermeasure’, this has been picked up on and they were really impressed with our ‘ACTIVE’ technology versus all other products using ‘Passive’Off Grid Magazine features Armourcard as a must have productshielding or blocking measures.






There are a variety of products to help protect your privacy – most provide passive protection by trying to shield against transmissions while one, Armourcard actively jams them.

It is fantastic for our product to be getting recognized offering superior active protection in a marketplace where all other products only offer passive protection.

Off Grid Magazine features Armourcard as a must have productIt seems we are not the only people out there who value their privacy & want to protect themselves from this growing global crime. OFF GRID magazine is at the forefront with bringing solutions to issues that can & will affect our privacy we are very honoured that they see Armourcard as a great solution to wireless skimming.

If you are serious about protecting yourself from being wirelessly skimmed then it is time to buy the only countermeasure on the market that actively jams out the frequency these RFID items communicate over.

You can purchase a copy of the magazine at most good newsagents in the USA or you can Purchase Online Version.


I want the superior protection that only Armourcard provides now. Buy now!