Passport Cover

Does a Passport cover protect from electronic pickpockets?

ePassportInternet1Since 2006 all new passports issued in the USA, EU and Australia plus many more countries now use biometric passports or ePassport. These passports contain all your personal data on a micro-chip and uses RFID tag technology to transmit that data.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been adopted my many governments for the use on their passports, driver licences, citizen cards, building entry cards & security cards.

Security concerns surrounding RFID enabled passports

RFID technology has some security concerns surrounding the transmission of data across open airwaves or radio frequency and that these transmissions can be intercepted or read and hacked by 3rd party RFID readers with ease regardless of any encryption used on the data.

Security of your personal data on your passport since the introduction of the ePassport technology has been a concern for many people & governments (although the governments will keep telling you they are taking adequate security measures to protect your data) while the hackers keep cracking the encryption on the ePassports regularly. (google ePassport hack) or read how the UK passport was hacked in 4 hrs article by the SUN UK newspaper.^

Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

Over the last few years many suppliers now offer RFID protection passport covers, these use passive shielding to block RFID signals, however it has been tested by some security experts* that if a dialled up RFID reader signal can penetrate these passive RFID shielding covers.

duct_tape_walletSome people have tried backyard covers like creating a passport cover out of duct tape for protection but again passive shielding has extremely mixed success.

What is Active RFID Protection?

ARMOURCARD’s patent pending# Active RFID Protection means that once you place ARMOURCARD in any travel wallet it is ready to go to protect you and your data.

If someone tries to read any of your RFID enabled ePassports, ARMOURCARD instantly powers up and puts out a jamming signal that does not allow any data to be stolen from your RFID enabled cards and passports.

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Why would you risk your passport & identity data being compromised?

At ARMOURCARD we did not want to leave our personal identity data to chance on any passive shielding passport covers, that is why we developed our patent pending* ‘Active RFID Protection’ technology that is found inside every ARMOURCARD.

Why risk Identity theft from ePickpockets??