Global privacy champion Dr Katherine Albrecht talks about the next wave of RFID crime.

Dr Katherine Albrecht has been the champion of outing the RFID industries plans to track every purchase and track you via RFID for over 10 years.

I have recently connected with Katherine and I am sending her an ARMOURCARD.

Hopefully once Katherine sees how effective our ‘Active RFID & NFC Protection’ technology is she will also say to her following that now there is an effective solution to the vulnerabilities surrounding this contact-less technology that is? in-use today and not just advise requesting a non RFID enabled card from your banks.

With ARMOURCARD’s technology, you actually get the best of both worlds.

Firstly, you get security from being skimmed this way as we jam RFID & NFC signals so no RFID reader can interrogate your cards,

Secondly, you get the convenience to use these contact-less payment terminals. We have incorporated a capacity switch on every ARMOURCARD which enables you to temporarily turn of ARMOURCARD’s jamming so you can still get the convenience of being able to use ‘tap&go’ payment terminals.

Find out more what makes ARMOURCARD the best solution here

If you are interested in Katherine’s book called ‘Spychips’ you can purchase it through Amazon here or through the Amazon widget located on the left side of the page.