Protecting your Identity has never been more important

A great article by Adam Levin of IDT911 (Identity Theft 911) featured on US TV ABC-15 who puts forward some really good advice to protecting your Identity while your travelling. Although Adam is not aware yet of ARMOURCARD and its superior ‘Active RFID’ protection, there is still some great overall tips. Here is a summary of the tips and the interview.

  • Watch out for Wi-Fi.
  • Cut RFID risks.
    In newer passports (issued after 2006) and some credit cards, an embedded RFID (radio frequency identification) chip holds all your important information-exactly what identity thieves are after. Using a scanning device, thieves can access the information in the RFID chip without even getting their hands on your passport or cards.
  • Beware Bluetooth.
  • Protect personal information.

Before you go anywhere you should get ARMOURCARD in your wallet or purse.


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