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ArmourcardBlock offers a cost effect skim guard solution against RFID skimming crime

ArmourcardBLOCK is a blocking card that protects your RFID-enabled bank cards whilst in your wallet from being skimmed by criminals using RFID readers (utilising the same convenient contactless technology) to actually read your credit cards and skim them.

ArmourcardBlock draws its power from the interrogating RFID signal often referred to as an EField to power up the blocking signal. So no batteries are needed EVER.

ArmourcardBLOCK is your first line of defence against criminals using this super convenient RFID technology against you.

In this technology-driven criminal world, you cannot afford to be without proper protection.

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ArmourcardBLOCK protects your ‘Tap n Go’ RFID cards from being skimmed.

Don’t become another static of credit card crime or even identity theft, start protecting your wallet / purse today with ArmourcardBLOCK



  • Proven to stop Hackers & Skimmers
  • Be aware of rip-off products, only Armourcard products you can trust with our patented technology
  • Established in 2013 – we are a security business only
  • Our product range is to help prevent you from being skimmed or becoming a victim of identity theft
  • Our mantra is to help you take back control of your data in this technology-driven age we live in
  • Our entire business is about providing solutions to make you safe
  • We are only in the business of providing products to help prevent identity theft
  • Market-leading Skim guarding technology
  • Armourcard International was established in 2013.
  • We sell our products all over the world
  • Trusted Australian Business
  • We use PayPal as our payment gateway so you know your payment data is safe
  • Armourcard has been featured on CNN, Fox News, A Current Affair, Today Show, and many more media outletsArmourcard featured in the media
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