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Our laptop privacy screen & webcam cover protects your private information from unwanted peeking by people next to you and your webcam camera vision being transmitted,

What is included?

1 x ArmourSCREEN – 13inch Laptop UV / Anti-glare / Blue light laptop privacy screen filter with all attachments to attach to your laptop. The ultimate privacy screen protector for your laptop

1 x WebcamCOVER – Our webcam cover is a physical slide that fits over your webcam so shuts off the vision when you want to regardless of the camera perhaps being remote activated. You have control.

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A laptop privacy screen that stops prying eyes from seeing your screen

Have you ever had your laptop open and the person next to you keeps looking at your screen, it’s super annoying and especially if are working on some private material or sensitive corporate work.  Our laptop screen filter will not only make it difficult for people to view your screen it also helps filter UV protection and Blue light exposure.

ArmourSCREEN is a great laptop screen privacy filter that gives you peace of mind when you’re using your laptop in public places like on aircraft, airports, cafes, and even in the office.

Our ArmourSCREEN laptop screen filter is an easy fit privacy screen protector for your laptop

The ArmourSCREEN privacy protector comes with our webcam cover so you can also choose to close off the camera with a physical slide in case your camera gets activated remotely without you knowing. Our ArmourSCREEN laptop privacy screen is an easy way to protect your privacy when online.

  • Micro louver technology
  • Anti-glare
  • Reduces blue light exposure
  • Dual-sided ( matte or glossy)
  • UV protection
  • Privacy Protection
  • Bonus webcam cover included
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 12-month warranty



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