How NOT to get skimmed in your next taxi ride!

Taxi rides and being skimmed is seeming to go hand in hand lately, with a huge amount of major media coverage, we have covered this crime in the past taxi skimming article see here.


  1. Photo of Cabbies Accreditation – A great idea is the take a photo with your phone camera of the drivers accreditation card, it should be visible on the front dash. This has the added benefit of subtly letting the cabby know that you are aware skimming goes on. If the cabby complains then alarm bells should start to sound, you have every right to take down this license detail.
  2. Sound Message – I also like to do a quick sound memo of time, where I collected the cab from and where I’m heading with the taxis number.
  3. Keep card in sight – Always keep your card in plain sight, never let the cabbie take your card out of your sight. Ask the cabbie to process the payment in-front of you in the centre console area.
  4. Also be wary of ‘Tap & Go’ payments – A lot of people are saying just use the ‘tap & go’ payment facility to pay, this also has its perils as just by the nature of this ‘contact-less’ technology your cards can be skimmed wirelessly if they are in the vicinity of a reader (any reader or NFC enabled phone). How easy would it be to have a second reader sitting in the centre console and it also picks up all your cards data wirelessly. The best way to protect yourself from this wireless skimming is an Armourcard. Read more about what is Armourcard here. When you do use the ‘wave & go’ terminal ensure you take it to the back seat with you.
  5. Watch out for mobile phones – Now with NFC (near field communication) enabled smartphones & a quick search in the App stores ANYONE can download FREE credit card skimming apps, so if you have a tap & go enabled credit card like MasterCard,  PayPass* VisaCard,  PayWave* Amex, XpressPay* these cards transmit your data over open airwaves (find out more here why RFID & NFC is a vulnerable technology) so look out to see that the cabbie isn’t putting his smartphone near your credit / debit cards as that could mean he is skimming the data of them into the phones skimming app.

Now we must say not all cab driver are sly and the majority are most probably fine, however if you arm yourself with even a few of these tips the next time your jump into a cab, then you can better protect your credit card data from being skimmed.

If you are wanting to find out about the best way to protect your ‘Tap & Go’ credit cards & ePassports from being skimmed look at Armourcard.

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*Please note: Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass & American Express ExpressPay are all registered trademarks of the afore mentioned relevant card issuing companies, These companies do not sponsor or officially endorse this website, Armourcard is independent & just helps to protect these cards from being skimmed.