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CNET takes on Armourcard for its readers and says Aussie invention is a must have.

CNET- ARMOURCARD headlineCNET is the world’s leader in tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how to’s and more writes a review on Armourcard’s Active Micro Jamming Technology.

Claire Reilly one of CNET’s Australian tech journalist after an interview with Tyler Harris the CEO and inventor of Armourcard has written a great review of Armourcard for CNETs global audience.

Tyler Harris said:

“It was great to have a chat with such a technology influencer like CNET and for Claire Reilly and Seamus Byrne another of CNET’s high profile journalist to really like our Australian invention.”

The article covered Armourcard technology and the applications in which you use Armourcard to protect your personal data from being skimmed.

Harris added:

“It was also great that our national retailers got a mention in the article as they are really supporting our product.”

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