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SKY NEWS Money interviews Tyler Harris

On Friday 21st August 2015, one of Armourcard’s Directors Tyler Harris was asked to be a guest speaker on SKY NEWS MONEY the Money Exchange show with Andrew Barnett.

The interview titled:

Electronic Pick Pocketing. What is it and how to avoid it?

In the interview Tyler was asked by Andrew from the Money Exchange one of SKY NEWS money segments  some key questions surrounding the topic ranging from:

What is electronic pick pocketing and how prevalent is it? 

right through to…

So when they scan my details what do they get and how can they use it?

In the live on-air filming of SKY NEWS Money Exchange Show with Andrew Barnett, Harris went on to say:

Its not just about credit cards and fiscal loss off a card, the bigger picture is profiling you for identity theft.

He also went on to say:

Identity theft is a growing global concern

And as more of this type of technology comes into our lives we must start to protect ourselves from exploitation of the very same technology found in these tap & go credits and ePassports.

Watch the SKY NEWS Money Exchange segment above, the interview starts at 2:47 in the video.

TravelTalk one of the premier travel industry publications recently had a chat with our CEO Tyler Harris on how to best protect yourself while travelling from this invisible crime called ‘Electronic Pickpocketing’.

Harris explains how the crime happens and how ‘we’ as consumers/travellers need to be very aware of how easy it now is to gain access to your personal data. This includes your ePassports, ‘tap & go’ credit and debit cards along with many hotel room key cards that all use RFID technology to transmit your data over open airways that can be intercepted by criminals with ease.

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In an article titled “Australians build a preventative invention for your wallet”
the tech guide interviewed one of the directors of Armourcard.

Tyler Harris went on to say about the interview:

Overall it was a positive interview & review of our product, but a few key points were left out from Leigh’s write up that where discussed in the interview such as how an Australian ‘White Hat Hacker’ Peter Fillmore as recently as Oct 2014 tested the security protocols behind Visa and Mastercard payment cards and proved the viability of an attack by successfully using cloned versions of his credit cards to shop at supermarket chain Woolworths, and buy beer at a Sydney pub.

Which Leigh only referred to a previous Mastercard interview from 2013 which Matt Barr, MasterCard’s head of Market Development in Australia refers to other RFID protective products as just creating noise to sell a product, we found that those comments from a company who is rolling out this technology right on the corporate line and what would be expected from a company that “creates a lot of noise” about their ‘Tap & Go’ technology in what appears to be a sell to the consumers on ‘its ok to use’ and don’t worry about any fraud.

Unfortunately had the article referenced the latest example of how criminals can skim & use your money as mentioned from the passage above it may have shown the readers that there is always two sides to the story ( one from corporate card issuing companies who have invested billions rolling out this technology, and the other from the hacking community and security experts like Peter Fillmore who still to this day show us how easy it happens & it can happen)

Harris said:

Until there is a 100% guarantee that the technology is safe, then why wouldn’t you protect yourself and Armourcard offers that protection.

To read full article go here

Credit Card Offers – Does Tap and Go really encourage criminals?

articleArmourcard was asked to be featured in an article on the website Credit Card Offers following up from the Victorian Police concerns over the roll-out of ‘contact-less’ cards & payment terminals in the last week. Making it even easier for opportunistic criminals to skim your credit card details or even worse your personal identity details. Armourcard is featured as the only ‘Active’ solution to this growing problem. Within the article, they show a demonstration of how AC works in jamming out the unwanted RFID signals and how AC protects your credits within its proximity forcefield.


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