In: Armourcard

Great compact unit.

I travel both domestically and internationally on business on a regular basis. I was looking for a compact internal security measure for my cards, the Armourcard fits the bill perfectly and well priced for the technology. For peace of mind, its worth the investment and this product truly delivers.

Fits into my wallet and its safe and forgotten, the battery life does not seem to wear down either.

Having purchased an Armourcard, I decided to put it to the test. A Visit to Woolworths Supermarket and spoke with the Customer Service Manager to explain what I wanted to do. I purchased some produce, had them scanned and placed the Armourcard on top of my credit card and passed them both over the “pay wave” scanner. IT WORKED! The red LED light flashed on the Armourcard effectively jamming the scanner. I tried several times with the same result. I finally removed the Armourcard in order to pay for my purchase. Very satisfied with my Armourcard.

After being skimmed in 2013 I would recommend this protection to all. It certainly gives me confidence that my information is safe and secure from electronic theft.

It is a pity that a model with rechargeable battery or a solar-powered battery is not yet available… I am sure that you all are BRIGHT INVENTOR / GENIUS who can make SOLAR-POWERED BATTERY for the ARMOURCARD is it feasible I believe it can be achieved !!!! Come on , you geniuses…You CAN DO IT. Thanks for your invention….