ARMOURCARD USB DataBLOCK : Protect your personal data

Protect your personal data
when charging from juice jacking and cable skimming

As convenient as they may be, public charging stations such as you find in airports, hospitals, shopping malls or even your local coffee shop for your smartphone or tablets are an extremely vulnerable source of powering up. Criminals are hijacking the charging ports to install malware to steal personal data on your devices. You must be protected against Juice Jacking when utilising charging stations.

Unique functions to make life simple:

Protect your personal data when charging from juice jacking and cable skimming

Protecting against juice jacking today is not an option, it is a necessity. Juice Jacking prevention when you use a charging station is provided via the use of USB condom type products such our USB data blocker range. Armourcard International now has a full range of USB data blocker products that allow you to still leverage public charging stations while offering the best juice jacking protection on the market.

Extra layer of protection from charging cable skimming with our secure Data Block technology.

Armourcard International’s juice jacking prevention range consists of our USB charger data blocker, or “USB condom”, USB dataBLOCK and dataBLOCK 3 in 1. These products offer the latest USB technology teamed with Data Blocker technology to provide complete safety and convenience while using charging ports or charging stations. This technology will protect your device from juice jacking by blocking all data transfers while still allowing fast charging of your devices, unlike many competitor products.

How does Armourcard DataBLOCK work

The Armourcard USB Data Block product is compatible with Android, iOS and Type-C charging cables. To stay protected, before you plug your charging cable into a USB port in a cafe, aircraft, at your local fast-food outlet or on another computer just plug the cable into the Armourcard USB data blocker then plug it into the powered USB port. It’s that simple!

If you have multiple types of devices, for example, an Android phone, Apple tablet and a gaming console, then our DataBLOCK3in1 is the right solution for you. Our 3 in 1 Data Blocker has 3 charging pins (Android, iOS and Type-C) all conveniently located on a key ring so you are covered whichever device requires charging.

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Armourcard DataBLOCK

3in1 DataBLOCK

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3in1 DataBLOCK

Armourcard 3in1 DataBLOCK

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  • Data Blocker Technology
  • Proven to stop Hackers & Skimmers
  • Holistic Security Protection
  • 12 month warranty on product registration
  • Products comply with RoHS and CE standards

Comply with RoHS and CE standards

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How do they steal my personal data?

Watch the video to learn more...


Hackers are always looking for ways to gain personal information, photos and many other sorts of data to either exploit or sell for money on the Dark Web. Your personal identity data, including your photos, are worth money to criminals.

Hackers realise we are all slaves to charging our smartphones and devices and, with the advent of public charging stations, have seen an opportunity to exploit the charge we so desperately need at times.

This crime is on the rise globally to the point where governments are advising to not use the charging ports or, if you do, to ensure you use a juice jacking protection device like our range of USB charger data blocker products.

It’s easy to be complacent and think it will never happen to me, or I don’t have anything worth stealing on my phone. What you have to ask is, when it does happen to you (and it is not a matter of ‘if’ it will happen to you but ‘when’ it will happen), how will you feel knowing all your personal data has been compromised. In this age, we need to take serious steps to protect our personal data and not just rely on other people, companies or governments. It starts on the home front and that is with Armourcard International.

This a great question. The answer is simple, the USB DataBLOCK is a USB plug that you plug your cable into before you plug into a USB port. The data block essentially blocks the data at the USB end or plug end and you use your own cable to charge up your devices. So this method renders any malware or juice jacking that has been embedded on the wall USB port useless but still allows a fast charge with our USB data Blocker.

Our 3 in 1 DataBLOCK product is on a keyring and has 3 different pin ports for various devices. A Android pin, a iOS pin and a Type-C pin which pretty much cover off all the data transfer and power transfer types of pins most devices use in 2020 and beyond. The 3 in 1 DataBlock blocks data transfer from the device down. So you select the correct pin for your device on the 3 in 1 DataBlock plug it directly into
the device then plug the cable from a charging station into the other port on the 3 in 1 DataBlock. You can also use the 3 in 1 DataBlock with your own cable to a USB port anywhere and it will protect your data.

Both of our Data Blocker products utilise the latest technology in Juice jacking prevention while still allowing your devices to receive ‘Fast charge’ unlike many other products on the market.

Yes, both our USB Data Blocker products comply with RoHS and CE standards and are safe to travel with.

We offer a 12 month warranty on faulty products, you will need to register your purchase with us on our registration page.

We post out daily utilising Australia Post* and your local countries postal service like USPS in the USA so reset assured we will dispatch your purchase super fast. All packages are untracked but if you would like your purchase tracked there is an option in the shopping cart relating to tracking which you can enable.

*Please note due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are fewer international & domestic flights. That means the postal services are slower.

Armourcard Privacy Pack

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Protection from criminal predators is something we all deserve.
Let's put an end to personal data and identity theft!

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