July 2013

APPetite for destruction, Apps that can Skim your credit card data

Not long ago I wrote a blog post on the new wave of smartphones that are NFC enabled that can use free apps to skim credit cards and the potential threat that anyone with a NFC enabled phone can potentially skim your credit cards. So protecting your credit cards from electronic pickpockets in this new age of NFC enabled phones just got a little bit more necessary.

Pay-wave-passNow you have to think about every APP you download.

Because every APP could hold a Trojan program inside that runs in the background and basically searches via your NFC enabled smartphone for credit cards details.

The credit cards that use the RFID chip like Visa cards PayWave, MasterCard PayPass or American Express’s ExpresPay.

So next time you drop your phone inside your handbag or by your wallet watch out it may be your skimmers best friend.

Your phone with the rogue App installed will locate the RFID enabled cards, interrogate them for their data and secretly email those credit card numbers to a criminal 3rd party without you ever knowing it.

Pretty scary stuff isn’t it.

Well, the only way to protect yourself truly is to put an ARMOURCARD inside your wallet alongside all your RFID enabled credit / debit cards.

ARMOURCARD’s patented ACTIVE RFID & NFC protection actually jams all RFID & NFC signals running on the most common bandwidth for contact-less devices of 13.56Mhz.

So even if you have a rogue APP there is NO chance it could get your credit card data,  ARMOURCARD would instantly power up when the APP would try and communicate with the cards and jam the signals.

Buy-nowIsn’t it time you started to protect your own identity and data!

Walt, one of our US competitors is again on the PR trail and showing just how easy it is these days with trojan APPs.

We think Walt does a great job getting the message out there, so thanks, Walt.

We just don’t believe that passive RFID blocking wallets or shielding sleeves (like what Walt stocks) are the best way for protecting your data.

In-fact there are many reports by industries top hacking security experts* stating that these passive blocking wallets and sleeves at the very BEST may limit the distance too which a reader can read your cards but mostly if a reader is dialled up in power and antenna strength these passive RFID blocking wallets and sleeves WILL BE penetrated.

The choice is yours it’s your personal data, we chose active protection that is why we developed ARMOURCARD.

Get Protected Today BUY ARMOURCARD NOW!

Source^ Passive Shields or metallic wallets Only reduce the signal strength, this will not block a high-powered RFID reader Source: Credit Card Fraud The contactless Generation | Kristin Paget | Chief Hacker, Recursion Ventures. – See more at: https://armourcard.com/rfid-blocking/

Aluma Wallet – PLUS a FREE set of Steak Knives

rfid-blocking-walletThere are many RFID wallets on the market and none are as aggressive in their advertising as the Aluma Wallet.

We applaud Aluma Wallet for helping educate the public on the issue of needing RFID protection, as most people either didn’t even know there was an issue or just never thought it would happen to them.

So first up…

well done for getting it out there.

Aluma Wallet quite rightly states several very real statistics on their infomercials and they believe that a hard aluminium cased wallet offers some level of protection against electronic pickpocketing.

AlumawalletWe at ARMOURCARD have done our own research and we were not satisfied that the level of protection these aluminium wallets like Aluma Wallet give actually prevents a dialled up power RFID reader from penetrating their metal cases.

To us, they seem a little ‘analog’ and at the very best may limit the distance an RFID reader can interrogate your credit cards from, apart from the fact that they are ugly, bulky and can easily slip out of your pocket (so you may actually lose your wallet)

No that wasn’t just why we developed ARMOURCARD which offers our latest ‘patented Active RFID Protection’

alumawallet-in-pocket1Plus the fact that with ARMOURCARD you can own any wallet you like and not be forced to buy any ugly RFID protection claiming wallet to get at least what is perceived to be some ‘passive’ protection.

No we developed ARMOURCARD and patented our new ‘Active RFID Protection’ that actually jams the RFID & NFC signals so no queries from a reader regardless how powerful the reader is dialled up or how big the antenna is, will no circumvent ARMOURCARD’s jammng technology.

Now ask yourself this…

Active-jammingDo you want to be told to buy an ugly, bulky aluminium wallet that may or may not protect your personal data from electronic skimming


Do you want the latest ‘Active RFID Protection’ that actively tackles the problem differently and in better more secure way

NOT from passively, maybe, hopefully trying to block a signal?..

BUT actively jams all RFID & NFC signals using the most common bandwidth used for contact-less devices of 13.56Mhz.

We asked that same question and that is why we developed ARMOURCARD, to protect our own personal data,

Now you can protect yours.


Video: America Now News Report putting Aluma Wallets claims to the test