Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

Bundled Product Packs

Armourcard has three different value-packed bundles

You can choose a bundle that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a great gift idea, or just want the value of buying a bundle for you and your loved ones, then look no further than these three bundles that give value and security.


The Personal Safety Bundle is of great value and is ideal for people like:

  • Seniors
  • Children
  • Women / Men
  • Anyone who wants a layer of personal safety at their fingertips at all times

This bundle features a personal safety alarm that can blast a siren up to 130dB and flashing LED its a great device that you can carry on you at all times. We have also included in this bundle the ArmourcardBLOCK card that will protect your RFID / NFC (radio frequency identification / near field communication) enabled credit and debit cards. These are known by brands like ‘Tap&Go’, ‘PayWave’ & PayPass, and many other card issuing brand-specific names. This bundle, therefore, protects you with the ArmourALARM and your bank cards with the ArmourcardBLOCK, a perfect combination.

What is included in the Personal Safety Bundle

2 x ArmourcardBLOCK – our RFID blocking card to prevent credit cards from being skimmed

2 x ArmourALARM – Personal alarm that can alert people you are in trouble


This specialty security bundle offers great protection for your wallet in protecting your ‘Tap&Go’ style credit cards through ArmourcardBLOCK. You also get protection for your travel documents with PassportBLOCK , and finally, you can now protect your devices from ‘Juice Jacking’ when you use public charging stations or public USB ports to charge up your phones and tablets in public with the DataBLOCK

What’s included in the BLOCK Security Bundle

2 x ArmourcardBLOCK – our RFID blocking card to prevent ‘tap n go’ type RFID credit cards from being skimmed

2 x PassportBLOCK – Protection for your travel documents that prevent criminals from reading your passport data

1 x 3in1DATABLOCK – Multi-pin charging device to prevent malicious data transfer when using public charge ports


This Ultimate Security & Safety Bundle is the best gift for anyone who wants protection from crimes happening every day all over the world. With multiple items in the bundle, you can give the gift of peace of mind to multiple people or keep one for yourself and give the other away as a great gift at a fantastic discount.

What is included?

2 x ArmourcardBLOCK – our RFID blocking card to prevent ‘tap n go’ type RFID credit cards from being skimmed

2 x PassportBLOCK Protection for your travel documents that prevent criminals from reading your passport data

1 x 3in1DATABLOCK – Multi-pin charging device to prevent malicious data transfer when using public charge ports

2 x ArmourALARM – Personal alarm with 130dB siren and flashing LED to alert people you need assistance.

2 x ArmourKEY – Faraday shielding pouch for your car key fobs to prevent clone and relay attacks of your car fobs


The best value is to buy a bundle