Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

Credit Card Fraud

How to protect yourself from Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud is on the agenda of many businesses, financial institutions and countries, due to the massive fiscal debts caused by this crime.

We believe that as consumers and most often the victims of this crime, we need to start taking back the power and protect ourselves from Credit Card Fraud and identity theft. We can no longer believe, given the evidence, what we are told by the institutions who are so far removed from the actual crime and how it effects everyday people.

Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

It’s not the time to be passive.

With the banks now adopting ‘tap & go’ payment gateways and issuing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled credit & debit cards it now easier than ever for a criminal to access your card & data ‘wirelessly’ using the very same technology that these payment gateways & cards use, called RFID.

You just need to google ‘ePickpockets’ and you can see & read about this global epidemic and how easy it is for criminals to access your cards.

To find out how RFID works go here  or

Discover why RFID is a vulnerable technology, here.

We wanted active protection.

Knowing that RFID technology is here to stay and, in-fact, is only going to get larger and penetrate more into our lives, we were not satisfied with what the financial institutions were saying and how they have implemented adequate safety measures to protect our personal data.

That is why we invented & developed ARMOURCARD which offers active RFID protection and adds another line of defence against Credit Card Fraud. To discover more about ARMOURCARD, go here.

How does ARMOURCARD defend against Credit Card Fraud

  • ARMOURCARD is a credit card sized device that sits inside your wallet or purse along side your other RFID enabled cards.
  • When a RFID reader tries to communicate with your RFID enabled credit/debit cards, ARMOURCARD instantly detects the RFID signal and powers up, then jams all communication to and from the RFID reader.
  • Now you are protected from electronic skimmers gaining any data from your cards.

Its not just about Credit Card Fraud; its about identity theft.

People often say “it will never happen to me!” Well it is extremely big business for criminals to acquire identities and use them for criminal activities. These can range from acquiring loans, gaining credit and to the selling passports etc.

In the USA, identity theft has topped the Federal Trade Commissions report yearly for the most complained form of crime for the last 13 years in a row.

Identity theft cost the US in 2010 – 2011 over 18 billion dollars.
For more statistics on identity theft go here

It’s not a matter of IF you will be a victim but WHEN you will become a victim of identity theft and Credit Card Fraud.

It’s time to take back control!