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Armourcell protects your Android phone
from hackers 24/7

Armourcell  is a signal jammer that keeps your phone data safe from hackers 24/7.

Armourcell uses advanced micro modulation techniques to create an electronic force field around your cell phone. Not a passive solution like others, Armourcell is a signal jammer, powered by the NFC field emitted by cell phone so it does not drain your battery. Armourcell is capable of protecting most Android phones with an NFC chip operating at 13.56 MHz.

A simple solution for android phone data security protection

Armourcell is an electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal data from being stolen from your smartphone. Criminals can utilise the NFC feature on your mobile phone to inject malicious code and take over your data without you even knowing.

Protect your smartphone from hackers wherever you are!

Armourcell android security keeps hackers from planting malware on your phone. We stop phone hackers by shutting down the NFC vulnerability. The 24/7 electronic protection does not interfere with any other cell phone operations and does not drain the battery life of your phone. Harnesses the power of the field emitted by the NFC chip in your phone.

Utilising cutting edge technology: an active NFC force field to protect your personal data.

Whether it’s for spying on you for audio bits, capturing visual bits by turning your camera on without you ever knowing or just tracking your whereabouts, it seems Smartphone hacking is hitting the mainstream.

Armourcell Phone Protection Android
Armourcell protects your phone

Compatible with a range of android phones to  block phone hackers

Android Android compatible. Armourcell works on over 500 models of cell phone (there are currently 500 models with NFC Chips)

The ONLY NFC Cell Phone protection on the market to protect your data.

Criminals have been looking for ways to exploit smartphones since they were invented way back when Steve Jobs released the first generation iPhone® on June 29th 2007.

Fast forward over a decade and how our lives have changed because of that “light bulb” moment from Apple. Every year at the hackers convention Def Con held in Las Vegas these hackers are show casing how easy the technologies we use daily are open and vulnerable to hacking.

As smartphone owners, we need to start stepping up security measures and that starts with simple things like two-stage pin security code, knowing what you’re downloading is from a reliable source, checking permissions of the apps you’re downloading etc.

The harder thing to monitor is walk-by NFC injections. This is when somebody injects a malicious code into your phone via the NFC feature that executes an operation on your phone. For example, next time you’re in a wifi zone your phone is instructed to back up, then boots up a browser in the background to a malicious web address that copies all your files to the server.

At Armourcard™ we knew this vulnerability was coming and that’s why we developed Armourcell™, which utilises our patented micro jamming technology found in our original Armourcard product and applies it to your Android smartphone protection.

Android phones with the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature can be compromised and this feature is a backdoor into your phone and all your personal data and photo’s, so ArmourCELL effectively shuts down this vulnerability until you want to use the tap and go feature on your phone as it was intended without the risk of criminals exploiting this back door. 

No, ArmourCELL harnesses the power of the NFC field to power its jamming feature.

ArmourCELL comes with a gold skin sensitive switch on it so once your finger makes contact with the switch it will temporarily disable the NFC jamming  feature and allow the transaction or bump to go through using NFC, in a similar way Armourcard does.

At this point in time Apple has not released the NFC feature to many 3rd party developers so until that happens, Apple is still a closed universe as with all Apple products. When Apple does open up the NFC feature for open developers then we will make an ArmourCELL for Apple phones.

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Armourcell smartphone protection

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