RFID Blocking

RFID Blocking – What is the best type?

RFID blocking comes in many forms, from passive shielding of RFID signals through either a metallic encased wallet like AlumaWallet or a passive lined material RFID blocking wallet or RFID blocking sleeve like most you see on the market currently to passive RFID Blocking cards.

Why would you settle for passive RFID blocking or shielding^ when you can get a far superior ACTIVE countermeasure with electronic jamming technology found in every ArmourcardACTIVE and Armourcell 

ArmourcardACTIVE actively electronically jams the frequency these devices (credit cards & passports) communicate over (13.56MHz)

Armourcard International also offers a new range of products that are priced extremely competitive and offer some great security.

These products are:

ArmourcardBLOCK – A cost effect way to protect a few credit cards

USB DataBLOCK – Protects you device when charging at public charging stations


RFID blocking wallets

You would have seen on the market many types of RFID blocking wallets, RFID blocking sleeves and they all vary in their effectiveness^. In fact, this form of protection (passive) shielding or blocking can easily be penetrated if a criminal dial up the power on their RFID / NFC reader and its antenna output. So at the very most passive protection may limit the distance a reader could read your data and therefore not fully protect you.

Armourcard is the 1st ‘Active RFID & NFC’ electronic jamming protective device.  Discover Armourcard’s Active jamming technology.

We personally did not want to risk our data to ‘passive blocking’

At ARMOURCARD we did not want to risk our personal data being compromised by passive RFID blocking measures, so we developed and patented* ARMOURCARD ACTIVE’s technology, which offers Active electronic jamming RFID protection.

Get on the front foot with Active RFID Protection.

This means that once you place ARMOURCARDACTIVE in any wallet or purse it is ready to go to protect you and your data. If someone tries to read any of your RFID enabled cards, ARMOURCARDACTIVE instantly powers up and puts out a jamming signal that does not allow any data to be read from your RFID enabled Tap & Go cards, ePassports, travel cards, hotel keys, building entry keys and Identity Cards.

New Micro-jamming technology stops pick pockets cold!

armourcard ACTIVEprotects the RFID cards in your wallet or purse by creating an electronic Force Field.

One smart card electronically protects them all.

armourcell protects your Android cell phones.

Secure your personal photos, messages, passwords, accounts, and data!

Armourcell Phone Protection Android
Active Protection for Cell Phones
The latest generation Blocking Card from Armourcard

Similar in size to your credit cards and fits right alongside them, armourcard actively detects and jams out electronic thieves.

RFID wallet with ArmourcardACTIVE Blocking card

If there is any doubt in your mind about security on your data, then don’t risk it!

Some people will tell your that a passive shield like RFID blocking is enough to protect you, then on the other hand their are skilled hackers^ who tell us that if they dial up a more powerful RFID readers output it can penetrate passive shielding measures like RFID blocking by RFID blocking sleeves and RFID blocking wallets.

Secure my identity Today!

Criminals can skim your credit card details via RFID - Armourcard is an electronic micro jammer that will jam them out

Your Identity is worth big $$$ for criminals

With identity theft big business for criminals# we did not want to leave our personal identity protection to any passive shielding devices like an RFID blocking wallet or RFID blocking sleeve.

ARMOURCARDACTIVE is an extra line of defence in helping you against identity theft. Start protecting yourself today Buy identity theft protection by ARMOURCARD.

Go on, get protected!

Armourcard provides identity theft protective devices

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Armourcell Phone Protection

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