RFID Wallet

Criminals can skim your credit card details via RFID - Armourcard is an electronic micro jammer that will jam them out

RFID Wallets – “RFID Blocking Wallet’s, would you leave your data to passive protection?”

With the global roll-out of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology by governments and institutions, teamed with the vulnerabilities surrounding RFID technology, there has been an increase in identity theft protection items on the market, RFID wallet or RFID blocking wallets as they are often referred has been the way most retailers have tackled the problem. They use passive shields like metallic wallets lined sleeves as the primary means to seemly protect you, these passive shields all have varying degrees of effectiveness as bench tested by a well known hacker / security expert and documented in a report.

We invented Armourcard’s Active technology as we personally did not want our data skimmed.

At ARMOURCARD we were concerned about our personal data being compromised. We were concerned with the vulnerabilities surrounding RFID and the up-take of the technology in our everyday life.

After investigating the technology we didn’t want to risk our personal data being compromised with only the protection of a passive shield, like  RFID wallets or aluminium wallets that are on the market. These RFID blocking wallets vary in effectiveness and we just did not want to risk it or more to the point ‘risk our own data’ being compromised. Therefore we developed and patented*(pending) the technology that found inside every ARMOURCARD. 

ARMOURCARD offers the first Active RFID protection solution on the market.

What is ‘Active RFID Protection’?

ARMOURCARD is NOT a passive shield like a RFID wallet, it is NOT a RFID blocking wallet, in-fact it is NOT a wallet.

ARMOURCARD is a credit card sized device that sits any wallet you choose and when a RFID reader tries to read your RFID enabled cards ARMOURCARD will power up and ‘Actively Jam’ the RFID signals so none of you data is exposed to be read.

So as you can see not only do you as the consumer get to choose any wallet you like or keep your existing wallet, you can have protection in any wallet with ARMOURCARD.

Is your identity protected?

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