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Passport Protection

Do I really need Passport Protection?

ePassportInternet1If you own an ePassport or biometric passport as it’s sometimes referred to, with a micro-chip in it that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to transmit the passport data, then you should perhaps consider passport protection.

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ePassport use RFID technology and that technology is vulnerable to skimming.

e-passportRFID technology is being rolled out globally at an experiential rate by governments, financial institutions and companies. They have both adopted RFID technology and invested billions of dollars in its roll-out and applications.

An example of this adoption is all new passports issued in Australia, United States and the EU from around 2006. These are ePassports with micro-chip and are RFID enabled.

The data held on these RFID tags on the ePassports is the same data that is printed within the passport that also includes a digital picture of the owner.

This RFID technology has vulnerabilities, explore them further here.

Your personal data is an identity thief’s dream score. Are YOU protected?

The governments who have moved to biometric passports will tell you that it is secure, the data is encrypted and that all measures are taken to protect your personal data.

However the hacking community tells us they are not secure and can be hacked easily. There is an article in the UK Mail showing the EU passport being hacked within 4 hours.


^Daily Mail UK Hacked ePassport article

How secure is your data in the ePassports?

The debate is constantly running on the security of your data on these ePassports.

alumiumOn the market currently their are many ‘passport protection’ wallets or sleeves that offer passive RFID protection, their are even some home remedies like wrapping your passport in aluminum or duct-tape.


At ARMOURCARD we personally did not want to leave our data in the arena of “maybe it’s safe”, “maybe it is not” or to any passive RFID shields which seem to have varying degrees of success.

“Passive Shields or metallic wallets – Only reduce the signal strength, this will not block a high-powered RFID reader”

Kristin Paget | Chief Hacker, Recursion Ventures.

We would rather know that our personal data is secure on both credit cards & passports

That is why we developed and patented our ‘Active RFID Protection’ technology found in every ArmourcardACTIVE.

You can also get the benefit of securing your ePassports by placing our PassportBLOCK in your passport and PassportBLOCK will JAM any illegal RFID signals trying to skim your passport data.

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Passport Protection

Identity Theft is on the rise globally. Don’t be the next victim.

Identity Theft is an increasing global issue. Statistic shows a staggering trend increasing year by year of running into the billions of dollars being attributed to this type of theft. Find out more about identity theft here.

Don’t become another passport fraud statistic

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