Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft comes in many forms

At ARMOURCARD we are often asked ‘What is Identity Theft?’ so to better understand what ID theft is it’s best to see why someone would want to have your identity.

Simply put Identity theft is a form of stealing someone’s identity in a fraudulent way to pretend to be that person to obtain resources like credit cards, loans, social security benefits, passports and many other items by impersonating that person.

Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

In today’s world with technology moving extremely fast and the digital world often making things easy for both law abiding people and even easier for criminals who want to acquire someones Identity fraudulently by that very same technology.

With a global increase in Identity Theft^ and the ease of electronically skimming data due to technological advancements and technologies (Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID) used to store and transmit data, the problem of Identity Theft has become a major concern for many people and countries.

At ARMOURCARD we were concerned personally about our own data being skimmed! Our banks were issuing us with these new technologies in our credit cards without even being asked if we wanted it.

What we are referring to is Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology or contact-less transmissions. Check your credit or debit cards and see if you have a microchip embedded in it and do you have the universal icon for RFID somewhere located on the card. Do you own a MasterCard, VisaCard or Amex card? Are they enabled with a microchip and do they have the new ‘TAP and GO’ facility attached to them.

Look for :
MasterCard – PayPass
VisaCard – PayWave
Amex – EpressPay

…just to name a few, what these mean is that your card is RFID enabled to transmit data to a reader. Hackers use the same RFID technology to skim your data. 

This same technology is used by electronic pickpockets to skim the data from your cards without you even knowing it is happening, if you don’t believe us then check out youtube ‘Electronic pickpockets’ or ‘ RFID credit card skimming’ there are loads of credible instances reported by major networks on this increasingly global issue surrounding the vulnerabilities of RFID technologies and Identity Theft.

Who needs the stress of having your identity stolen?

We all know that having your identity stolen can be an extreme hassle and both financially and emotionally devastating so we at ARMOURCARD wanted to develop another level of security that would not cost you much and allow you to control. We have developed a patented* ‘Active RFID Protection’ device called ARMOURCARD.

At ARMOURCARD we held the same fears and could see the global roll-out of RFID technologies could only lead to an increase in Identity Theft, so we developed an ‘Active RFID Protection’ device called ARMOURCARD.

Put simply we have a patented# technology that is credit card sized that you place in your wallet or purse near your RFID enabled credit cards and ARMOURCARD will provide ‘Active RFID Protection’ if & when someone tries to electronically skim your data from your cards, they will be jammed out by ARMOURCARD‘s proximity jamming signal which protects your RFID enabled cards.

Like to know more about ARMOURCARD‘s ‘Active RFID Protection’ and how it can protect you from Identity Theft Protection then see here.

Secure your identity!

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^In the US the Federal Trade Commission post annual reports on the identity theft in the USA and how much it is costing the country. An example of this from the FTC’s report published February 2012.Identity Fraud cost Americans $18 Billion in 2011 Just released in February 2013 FTC report, that Identity theft tops the list for the 13th year in a row for the most consumer complaints | #Australian Patent: AU2013354900 | US patent 9596051 | International Patent pending Please note: Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass & American Express ExpressPayare all registered trademarks of the aforementioned relevant card issuing companies, These companies do not sponsor or officially endorse this website. ARMOURCARD’s only association is that we are able to protect these companies cards from being wirelessly skimmed with our patented technology.