RFID Protection

What is the best RFID Protection?

RFID Protection is known as a means to protect your RFID enabled cards or passports from being compromised, hacked or skimmed. There are many products currently on the market and some homemade remedies that claim to give RFID protection. These range from wrapping aluminum around every RFID enabled card in your wallet to buying hard aluminum cased wallets or ‘Special’ RFID protective sleeves, again with the hassle and inconvenience of having to be put around every card individually. These RFID protection methods all vary in their effectiveness of offering protection and at the very most offer passive RFID protection.

We do it differently with ARMOURCARD

It has been tested and reported that by having a boosted up RFID reader sending an amped up signal can penetrate many ‘Passive’ RFID protection devices. Armourcard is the 1st to offer ‘Active RFID & NFC’ Protection.

At ARMOURCARD we where not satisfied that our own personal data was safe with  just ‘passive’ RFID protection items that where on the market, so we created and developed ARMOURCARD which offers our patented ‘Active RFID & NFC Protection’. This means ARMOURCARD doesn’t just try to block signals with a passive sleeve or with an aluminium wallet, ARMOURCARD actively powers up when a reader sends a signal trying to transmit  & receive data via RFID.

ARMOURCARD instantly powers up and actively jams RFID communication signals.

Regardless of how strong the RFID reader signal is, it can not circumvent  ARMOURCARD‘s Patented Active jamming technology.

Is Your Identity Protected?

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