PassportBLOCK : Passport RFID Protection

PassportBLOCK protects your passport
with RFID blocking technology

A passport shield like no other. Our slimline RFID blocking PassportBLOCK provides travel security protection and peace of mind.

Your passport is a valuable document. It proves your identity and citizenship. An e-Passport contains an electronic Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) chip. The chip holds the same information that is printed on the passport’s data page: the holder’s name, date of birth, and other biographic information. An e-Passport may also contain a biometric identifier.

The same convenience that your ‘Tap & Go’ credit cards give you paying for items is now in your Passport for easy identification at customs and immigration. This convenient technology can be just as easily exploited by criminals to access your identity data or even profile you and your nationality or citizenship.

Prevent identity theft by securing your personal data when travelling

Your passport contains everything needed to prove your identity and is therefore very valuable to criminals. Identity theft is on the rise and, while we are growing more savvy around scam emails and calls, we are still vulnerable to unseen attacks. In these uncertain times, it is increasingly important to secure our personal data as people become more desperate and turn to crime. We have developed PassportBLOCK as a simple and easy travel security accessory to prevent identity theft. The RFID blocking technology stops criminals from being able to scan and steal your personal data.

RFID Blocking technology in our slimline PassportBLOCK

Many passport protection products, such as a passport sleeve or passport cover, are very cumbersome to use while traveling. You don’t need to be a frequent traveller to understand how annoying it is to have to take the passport in and out of a sleeve while you go through customs, immigration, or duty-free shops. As frequent travellers here at Armourcard International we knew there had to be a better solution. That is why we developed PassportBLOCK. Our RFID blocking travel security protection slips neatly into the chip page of your passport like a bookmark and is secured in place. The slimline passport protection stays in place while you open the data page. No more hassles fiddling about with a passport sleeve or passport cover! Passport security protection has never been easier than with Armourcard PassportBLOCK.

Armourcard PassportBLOCK the ultimate travel security accessory for your passport.

Your passport contains sensitive personal identity data that is now embedded in an RFID chip within your passport for ease and convenient reading going through customs and immigration. Criminals and terrorists value this information, whether it be for identity theft or citizen profiling. You need an RFID passport shield to prevent an attack. We have developed an ultra-convenient RFID blocking product called PassportBLOCK. Our Passport RFID protection easily slips into the chip page of your passport like a bookmark and is secured there. No need to fumble around getting your passport out of a frail and inconvenient RFID protection shielding sleeve. It’s never been easier with Armourcard PassportBLOCK RFID blocking technology.

Now passport RFID protection is easier and more convenient than ever, Armourcard PassportBLOCK does not simply try to shield a passport like a flimsy sleeve. PassportBLOCK actually blocks the RFID signal by emitting a scrambled signal to the interrogating reader once the  signal is detected. Therefore, your passport can not be read and your data cannot be stolen.

We offer a 12 month warranty on the faulty products used as intended. You simply need to register your product with us on our registration page.

We post out daily via Australia Post and your local country’s post service, such as USPS in the United States, so there is no delay on dispatch. All packages are not tracked by default but you can request a tracking option during check out.

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  • Patented RFID Jamming Technology in every Armourcard
  • NFC Blocking Technology found in our Blocking products
  • Proven to stop Hackers & Skimmers
  • Holistic Security Protection
  • FCC, CE & RCM compliant
  • Traveller safe (TSA checkpoints)

Secure your identity today!

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