Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

Identity Theft Protection

Do I need Identity Theft Protection?

Identity Theft has become increasingly more prevalent within the digital age, both Governments an individuals are experiencing the economic fall-out from the global increase in ID Theft. Identity Theft Protection is now a ‘must do’ process for anyone who wants to keep secure their personal data from being compromised and used for the benefit of criminal and fraudulent actives by the often organised crime gangs working with the stolen identities.

With this in mind we have developed a first line of defence called ARMOURCARD.

We didn’t want our personal data skimmed over open airwaves

ARMOURCARD is the first ‘Active Identity Theft Protection‘ device that sits inside your wallet or purse along side all your Credit Cards that are enabled with a microchip and that use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to transmit your data across the airwaves to payment gateways like:

MasterCard – PayPass
VisaCard – Paywave
Amex – ExpressPay

These are often referred to as ‘Tap & Go’ payment facilities.

Who do you believe, the hackers or the banks?

On the one hand your have the companies and governments who have invested millions in the roll-out of this contact-less technology.

So on the one hand you have the financial institutions & Governments saying that RFID technology is safe to use as they have taken measures to protect your data from being hacked or skimmed through encryption, transaction ID’s etc. On the other hand you have the hackers who say RFID is vulnerable technology and is easy to hack. Whilst on the other hand you have the global hacking community who says they can hack into the cards & passports and decrypt the data easily.

Again this has been proven by a UK Daily Mail article whereby the new ePassports that use this same technology & advanced encryption was hacked within 4 hours.

In just four hours, the Mail hacked into a new biometric passport and stole the details a people trafficker or illegal migrant would need to set up a life in Britain.

Who to believe?

Is it the institutions that are rolling out this technology regardless of the possible vulnerabilities?


The hackers who often just want the KUDOS in the hacking community to be the one that breaks the code of the encryption, or perhaps in the case of organised crime rings the ticket to hack, duplicate data (Credit Card or Identity data) and sell or use for the purpose of criminal activities.

Either way why would you risk it? The Jury is out? But one thing is for sure we didn’t want to risk our data either way.

At ARMOURCARD we personally didn’t want to risk it so we developed and patent pending another level of protection.

ARMOURCARD is the first ‘Active RFID Protection’ device that you simply place into your wallet or purse along with your RFID enabled cards and when a reader wants to read your cards, ARMOURCARD will jam the RFID signals therefore not allowing any transmission of data across the airwaves.

ARMOURCARD is not a RFID blocking wallet or sleeve which can often be compromised if the hacker dials up the power and signal on their RFID reader.

If your wanting to add another cost effective level of security in Identity Theft Protection then consider ARMOURCARD as your personal identity theft protection device that sits along side your cards or passports to activity protect you from unwanted skimming of your personal data. Find out more about ARMOURCARD Identity Theft Protection.

Source: Daily Mail UK Hacked ePassport article Passive Shields or metallic wallets only reduce the signal strength, this will not block a high-powered RFID reader. Source: Credit Card Fraud The contactless Generation | Kristin Paget | Chief Hacker, Recursion Ventures. Kristin Paget does not sponsor or officially endorse this website or product, we have only referenced a report that is freely available online to download and read. All credit for the report and its findings go to Kristin Paget. International Patent Application filed: PCT/AU2013/001415

Please note: Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass, & American Express ExpressPay are all registered trademarks of the aforementioned relevant card issuing companies. These companies do not sponsor or officially endorse this website. ARMOURCARD’s only association is that we are able to protect these companies cards from being wirelessly skimmed with our patented technology.