Passport Fraud

How can you protect yourself from passport fraud.


With the roll-out ePassports globally since the late 90’s (USA, EU and Australia started to issue biometric passports in 2006) there has been questions surrounding the security of the data held within the passport chips and the use of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to wirelessly transmit that data to a reader (authorised or unauthorised)

Read this article in the UK Mail showing the EU passport being hacked within 4 hours. Daily Mail UK Hacked ePassport article

It’s big money for criminals for your passport data.

e-passportOrganised crime across the world puts a high price on passport data so passport fraud is an ever increasing problem both from an illegal immigration issue and you’re from your personal identity being fraudulently used to access credit and other criminal activities.

As the first line of defence against passport fraud, we have developed an ‘Active RFID Protection’ device called ARMOURCARD.

ARMOURCARD with its patented* technology actively jams RFID signals trying to read your passport chip. To find out why ARMOURCARD is better click here.

Any Place, Any Time, Any Where you can be skimmed

Why is Active protection better than Passive protection?

Unlike the passive protection devices on the market like RFID blocking wallets or sleeves that have mixed reviews to how effective they are when bench tested to being able to be penetrated if a hacker or skimmer powers up a high powered RFID readers signal.^

So we did not want to risk our personal data being compromised to chance that is why we developed ARMOURCARD with it’s ‘Active RFID Protection‘ that when a reader tries to send a transmission to our RFID enabled passports, ARMOURCARD instantly powers up (via its own battery source) and ‘Actively jams’ RFID communications.

When it comes to passport fraud, it is big business for criminals so they are actively trawling for passport data to create passport fraud so don’t become another Identity Theft statistic and have your personal identity violated#.

Don’t be the next victim!

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Daily Mail UK Hacked ePassport article
* International Patent Application filed: PCT/AU2013/001415  | US Patent 9596051 | Australian Patent AU2013354900 | # US Federal Trade Commission – 2012 report released Feb 2013, stating Identity theft, number 1 complained criminal activity for 13 years in a row
^ “Passive Shields or metallic wallets – Only reduce the signal strength, this will not block a high-powered RFID reader” –
Source: Credit Card Fraud – The contact-less Generation | Kristin Paget | Chief Hacker, Recursion Ventures. Please note Kristin Paget does not sponsor or officially endorse this website or product, we have only referenced a report that is freely available online to download and read. All credit for the report and its findings go to Kristin Paget.

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