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Tyler & the Armourcard team gave us all the support and answers we needed.

These cards live up to all the promotional advertising and is a must for credit card protection when traveling in Australia and overseas.

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Hey presto, unintended purchase. Got me thinking it was time to get some protection.

I accidentally made a purchase on my work card. I was trying to purchase via my insert debit card.

When I went to steady the card reader whilst holding my wallet, hey presto, unintended purchase. Got me thinking it was time to get some credit card protection. Great to know I’m now covered. Well done Armourcard and thanks.

- Peter Mantel

Great product, I have given these to my kids for safety.

What a great idea, I have purchased 4 of these alarms and have given them to my kids and for myself. The kids know how to activate them so if they are in any trouble walking home from school they can get assistance and help. Very happy to know my kids can alert people if any creeps are around.

- Lindsay Porter - Melbourne, Australia

Great products and a great company to deal with.

After having the experience of being scammed I originally purchased Armourcard for the immediate family. That was over two years ago and the batteries have ceased working. I have now purchased Armourcard BLOCK so that our family has the benefit of knowing we have protection. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Tyler Harris and his Armourcard Team for this wonderful concept.

- Tery - Director - TRY Vehicle Relocations Pty Ltd - Nambucca Heads NSW 2448

Solid Player! For peace of mind, its worth the investment and this product truly delivers.

Great compact unit.

I travel both domestically and internationally on business on a regular basis. I was looking for a compact internal security measure for my cards, the Armourcard fits the bill perfectly and well priced for the technology. For peace of mind, its worth the investment and this product truly delivers.

Fits into my wallet and its safe and forgotten, the battery life does not seem to wear down either.

- Matt Rasheed, CleanOrg Pty Ltd, Managing Director USA

My wallet is now secured

My wallet is now secured. Especially when travelling, this is really good to know. Thank guys.

- Brenden Bates, Sydney, Australia

Peace of mind for our next trip

My travel CC was PREVIOUSLY compromised between on my last trip BEFORE it had been removed from my wallet.
I tested in store and again at a transport RFID card reader and an very pleased with the results.
Both readers were blocked to a distance of about 6 inch (150mm). Peace of mind for our next trip.

- Phil W, Sydney, Australia

Great Ozzie invention

I have just returned from France, with Armourcard it was one less thing I had to worry about while travelling overseas. Knowing that my credit cards and passport were protected. At under $0.60c / week what a great invention that really works. The product sells itself. Great Ozzie invention.


Money well spent

Just bought my second Armourcard, Battery finally died after over two years. I’ve had several instances of the protection working.It gives great satisfaction when the card activates. Money well spent.

- Eric Dickinson, Australia

7 year old Armourcard still working strong

Hi Armourcard,

I bought one of your cards at the Canberra show many years ago and it’s still going strong. It looks like it was manufactured in 2011… still working in 2018 is a fantastic run, especially seeing you recommend 2yrs. See my video of the card with the lights still working.

Watch the video of a 7 year old Armourcard still working strong:

Thanks heaps Anthorr

- Anthorr Nomchong, NSW State Emergency Service

Great security whilst overseas and at home

Great security whilst overseas and at home, I have had my Armourcard now for several years and the battery is still active. Thanks for a great product.

- Marion Woods, Forster NSW

Well done to all involved

Heard about Armourcard from some friends. I personally bought it as I have read this is an Australian company, and I am happy to support Australian products. Well done to all involved.

- Mr Ross Malinic, North Parramatta

Protects my cards!

I had noticed once the light on the card went on when in my purse with credit card. Shows that it does protect card from scanning.

- R Gilly, Brisbane

It works

I had noticed once they the light on the card went on when in my purse with credit card. Really convenient as it shows when it is protecting my cards from scanning.

- Gilly R, Brisbane

Great products

I’ve been using armourcard for a couple of years now and have had no issues while traveling/day-to-day. They have great products to protect not only your credit cards but also your phones and data which is excellent for those who need to charge their phone in airports or other public spaces! Thanks armourcard!

- Leila Rose

Great idea producing peace of mind

Great idea producing peace of mind


- Stephen Byrnes

I recommend using a Armourcard for peace of mind, financial, and personal privacy.

When researching RFID vulnerabilities, I came across the Armourcard. I use a RFID wallet, but when traveling, my passport has no RFID protection.
After purchasing a card, I tested it against a tap and go reader an all worked well.
My wife, now, has a Armourcard in her purse.
For a small outlay, I recommend using a Armourcard for peace of mind, financial, and personal privacy.


- Peter Safe

Very convenient

I can’t believe the banks don’t give these to their customers!

- Dorothy Leite

This is a must have product

Have wanted one of these since the introduction of PayWave and when a SA accidentally paywaved my card. I was convinced my details could be easily skimmed as well. Bought an ArmourCard for everyone in my family. I’m guessing instructions for use weren’t included on the packaging as it forces people to go online register then read instructions on use. I new these were out there but I would have appreciated seeing these advertised in or near banks as the name ARMOURCARD always escaped me.


- JoJo G

So far so good. Electronic readers nearby cause the jamming to be present.

Including Smart phone NFC reader. My only RFID card is not currently implemented so it did not work. However, I am told by my bank they will be switching over in the next 6 months. Soon, without sliding (magnetic strip swipe) being the issue to worry about. Scanning will be. Unless you give your card number willingly over the phone or to sales people and it is then taken. At least I have peace of mind for anyone willing to get close enough in proximity.


- Tiffany O

What a smart and convenient device. I love it!

I firstly didn’t know about Amourcard. Having watched a TV ad about a RFID blocking card and I then surfed the internet for more information. Amourcard appeared on the other banner in the internet. By comparing between the Amourcard and the other blocking card. I decided to buy Amourcard because it offers the active protection rather than the passive protection. When I received Amourcard, I went to the Cole express station and paid for my petrol. I place the Amourcard on the top of my credit card and put the 2 cards on the card reader. I saw the error message on the card reader screen saying that there is an error while reading the card. I have tried it 3 times and they all fail to read my card. After I took the Amourcard out, the reader was able to read my credit card. It works very well. I feel safe and secure when going shipping. It is worth the investment of a little money for this card and it pays off. You assume that nobody can steal your ID from your credit cards and epassport. The size of the card is small and can be placed in any wallets. What a smart and convenient device. I love it! Thank you for making this card for us.


- Danny Thompson





This is one of those products that is a real life saver especially with the amount of identity theft these days.

I first purchased 2 as I was traveling overseas this week with my wife. Once I read about the product and saw how reliable it was and how strong it was in protecting my information I went out and purchased a further 20 for my staff and friends. This product is incredible and a must have for anyone who wants to protect their information. I back it 100% and will be buying many more as gifts for people and telling people about the product and that they are fools if they don’t spend the few bucks to buy one straight away.


- Greg Lasrado

I will have great peace of mind.

I purchased an armourcard after reading about different RFID protection online. What drew me to Armourcard was the active blocking vs. passive blocking of other products. I had been looking for RFID wallets but I really love the wallet I have so having a credit card size active RFID blocking card to put in my existing wallet was great! I get to keep my wallet I love and still have credit card protection! I bought one for use with my wallet and then ended up buying another one for my passport. I will be traveling overseas for 3 months so I will have great peace of mind. The service was exceptional. I ordered it at night on Aug 31st and got it here in the U.S. September 8th. Great service!


- Cheryl Foti

ArmourCard works brilliantly as expected…

…far better than those poorly made RFID protection wallets. Knowing that I am protected against those scheming low life oxygen thieves who invade our privacy, is the ultimate peace of mind.


- Harry P

Great Product

Purchased 2 as my wife and I travel internationally and are always in airports and public areas where tourists gather.


- Gregory Caspar

I find it compact enough to fit in my wallet

As we are traveling overseas, a friend of mine traveling with us recommended Armourcard instead of the bulky metal wallet which sometimes confuses me with my mobile. I find it compact enough to fit in my wallet. It is a bit on the pricey side but I guess you get what you pay for.


- William S

Very convenient

Better than having to put each card in an individual holder. One devise covers the lot.


- Geoff

I would recommend these to anyone

I brought 2 Armoucards to put in my wallet and my wife’s purse, tested them out and my credit cards could not be skimmed. I have bought another 2 for my mother and one to put in with our passports and travel docks. I have told others that I work with and they are impressed with what they do and they said that they will buy them as well. I would recommend these to anyone.


- Ian

Feeling more comfortable with this in my wallet

This is what i have been looking for,i am going to New York soon & am feeling more comfortable with this in my wallet.


- Sandra Stewart

This card is great value for peace of mind, Well done!!!

We saw the card on ACA and are travelling overseas next month. Until we saw the program we were unaware that we could protect ourselves like this. We are both very conscious of the credit card and identity theft that is sadly becoming an everyday occurrence. Any product that can give us some level of confidence can only be a good thing! We have been the victim of this sort of fraud and this card is great value for peace of mind, Well done!!!


- Shelley

The best protection for overseas travel and round shopping centers e.t.c

… highly recommended


- Kerry lewis

Great feeling of safety

Great feeling of safety


- Alan

I wish I had this product earlier

It’s a shame that i didn’t know about the product a month or so ago as someone put over nine thousand in purchases on my master card account hopefully the Armourcard will prevent this happening again.


- James Ross

The concept is great…!

…and gives piece of mind when going about your everyday business.


- David Pendleton

A wonderful AID to prevent scanning of credit cards

it is a pity that a model with rechargeable battery or a solar-powered battery is not yet available… I am sure that you all are BRIGHT INVENTOR / GENIUS who can make SOLAR-POWERED BATTERY for the ARMOURCARD is it feasible I believe it can be achieved !!!! Come on , you geniuses…You CAN DO IT. Thanks for your invention….


- Thomas Matthews

At last protection that works.

After being skimmed in 2013 I would recommend this protection to all. It certainly gives me confidence that my information is safe and secure from electronic theft.


- Barry

Very satisfied with my Armourcard.

Having purchased an Armourcard, I decided to put it to the test. A Visit to Woolworths Supermarket and spoke with the Customer Service Manager to explain what I wanted to do. I purchased some produce, had them scanned and placed the Armourcard on top of my credit card and passed them both over the “pay wave” scanner. IT WORKED! The red LED light flashed on the Armourcard effectively jamming the scanner. I tried several times with the same result. I finally removed the Armourcard in order to pay for my purchase. Very satisfied with my Armourcard.


- Ron Chapman | NSW Australia

Fantastically clever device.

…and a bargain for such peace of mind.


- Alison Campbell | Teacher | Sydney, Australia