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Your personal alarm at your finger-tips

A compact personal alarm that alerts people around you that you are in need of assistance.

Our rechargeable ArmourAlarm personal alarm is the ideal companion for you and your loved ones. Easily attaches to your keyring, bag, or belt loop.

Personal Alarm from Armourcard


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Your personal safety should be a top priority, our ArmourALARM personal alarm is a vital tool to ensure you are safe when out and about.

Ideal for:

  • Seniors
  • Children
  • Women / Men
  • Anyone who wants a layer of personal safety at their fingertips at all times

A great way to feel more secure when out at night or alone.

With 3 different ways to activate the alarm feature, it is super easy to get attention in your time of need. The alarm rings out at up to 130Db teamed with the bright flashing LED is a perfect way to alert people you need assistance.

Personal Alarm - ArmourALARM

Multiple ways to activate the alarm feature

How to use:

ArmourALARM – operating instructions

Multiple ways to activate the alarm feature

How to use:

  1. Firstly, ensure the Alarm is fully charged, when fully charged the LED will turn blue (from red) on the alarm unit
  2. To activate the unit, pull the keyring upwards, press the large button on the unit and the button on the side, the LED will come on and the alarm will sound, press the key chain back into the unit to stop the siren and LED.
  3. Press the left switch button for 2 seconds, the alarm starts to ring loudly
  4. Pull out the key chain pin to also activate the alarm loudly with bright flashing LED, simply push the key chain pin back in to stop the alarm and flashing LED.
  5. Press the large SOS button for 2 seconds to also activate the alarm siren and flashing LED light, press the SOS button, and hold for 2 seconds to disable the alarm and LED.
  6. Give 2 quick presses of the large SOS button to activate the LED light as a torch / flashlight. To turn off give two quick presses of the SOS button and the LED will turn off.
  7. You can also press the large button, small button and ring pull in various ways to get different siren sounds and volumes.




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  • Proven personal safety alarm
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  • Armourcard has been featured on CNN, Fox News, A Current Affair, Today Show, and many more media outletsArmourcard featured in the media

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