ArmourcardACTIVE NFC & RFID Blocking Card : The Latest in Active Jamming Technology

Only ArmourcardACTIVE protects you with

our patented Active Jamming Technology

ArmourcardACTIVE is a credit card-sized electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal data from being skimmed by RFID skimming criminals.

Unique functions to make life simple:

Automatic security activation

ArmourcardACTIVE detects when a skimmer is trying to read your wallet and immediately responds to electronically jam the signal.

one-touch for secure shopping

When you need to use your cards for shopping or ID scanning, simply touch the finger sensitive button and jamming is temporarily deactivated.

Battery no longer required!

Set and forget protection. With advancements in technologies, we have been able to harness the electromagnetic field created by the interrogating RFID/NFC signal to power the new ArmourcardACTIVE 

This means no batteries need replacing and your card will last over 3 years.

Wallets with RFID - RFID Blocking card with ArmourcardACTIVE

Similar in size to your credit cards and fitting alongside them, Armourcard actively detects and jams out electronic thieves.

ArmourcardACTIVE protects the RFID/NFC (tap&go) style bank cards in your wallet or purse by creating an jamming Force Field.

One smart card electronically protects them all.

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  • Established in 2013 - we are a security solutions business only
  • Our product range is to help prevent you from being skimmed or becoming a victim of identity theft and in general products to help keep you and your assets safe
  • Our entire business is about providing solutions to make you safe
  • We are only in the business of providing products to help prevent identity theft
  • Market-leading and our own patented technology
  • 12 Month Manufactures Warranty
  • We sell our products all over the world
  • Trusted Australian Business
  • We use PayPal as our payment gateway so you know your payment data is safe
  • Armourcard has been featured on CNN, Fox News, A Current Affair, Today Show, and many more media outletsArmourcard featured in the media
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Armourcard provides identity theft protective devices

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Protection from criminal predators is something we all deserve.
Let's put an end to credit card and identity theft!

Electromagnetic powered Active Micro Jamming Technology

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