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Convenient tap & go feature on your credit & debit cards also is a easy way for criminals to use that same technology to acquire your personal card data

Superior products & solutions that protect you and your assets from criminal fraud.
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ArmourALARM personal security alarm by Armourcard
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Stay protected when your travel with Armourcard's Identity Theft Security Essentials
BLOCK Security Bundle
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Our product highlights


  • A simple addition to your wallet now can save the painful process when you get skimmed.
  • Any wallet, any purse, 24 / 7 protection for your bank cards
  • Just because tap & go is a convenient way to pay, doesn’t mean it has to be convenient for criminals to tap your details.
  • 1 card can protect all your cards
  • Convenient payment cards, don’t need to be convenient for criminals – ArmourcardACTIVE has you covered

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DataBLOCK range (USB & 3 in1)

  • Charging up on public charge stations doesn’t need to compromise your devices & personal data
  • Don’t allow criminals to Juice Jack your devices when charging up
  • Free charge ports don’t have to mean free access to your devices. Protect them with DataBLOCK
  • Easy solutions to protect you and your devices when charging on public charge ports.
  • Protect multiple devices from juice jacking when charging up. 3in1 DataBLOCK has all your devices covered.
  • Both USB & 3in1 DataBLOCK’s will protect your devices from malware injection & personal data stealing

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  • ePassport protection made easy
  • Block out criminals skimming your ePassport
  • Bookmark your Passport protection with PassportBLOCK
  • 1 simple solution means your travel documents are safe
  • Prevent unwanted access to your passport with PassportBLOCK
  • Travel safe with PassportBLOCK


  • Protect your vehicle from key fob cloning
  • Asset protection from relay and clone attacks
  • A Faraday cage for your car keys


  • Your personal alarm when needed
  • Notify people you are in need of assistance
  • Protect your kids with a personal alarm when they are out & about
  • Great for women, kids, the elderly, and anybody when out and about
  • Loud alarm & flashing LED’s
  • Easy to activate with multiple ways to turn on


  • Stop prying eyes watching your screen
  • Anti peeping screen protection
  • Easy privacy solution for laptop
  • Great for when you are traveling

Testing your ArmourcardACTIVE

The best way to test your ArmourcardACTIVE card is next time you pay for something with your Tap&Go payment card, make sure you have the ArmourcardACTIVE card with the payment card (in front or behind the payment card) then try to pay. The ArmourcardACTIVE card will jam the transaction. ​You can then either press the red button on the ArmourcardACTIVE or remove it from the proximity of the payment card & payment reader.
The retail readers have been dialed back now (in signal strength) as people were getting freaked out that they were reading payment cards still in the wallet in the early days. So that is why you have to hold your cards close to payment readers (Point of sale terminals). The electronic pickpockets do not dial back the strength of an interrogating RFID / Reader in fact they boost the strength so can skim cards from the distance.

Only ArmourcardACTIVE protects you with

our Patented Technology

Can you spot an Identity Thief?

Skimming and Identity theft is an invisible crime.

Anyone passing by could scan your wallet even with a mobile phone and you would never know. ArmourcardACTIVE detects when thieves are scanning you.
ArmourcardACTIVE electronically jams the criminals interrogating signal to protect your cards and identity.

How do they steal my
identity and credit card?

Watch the video to see armourcard in action…

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ArmourcardACTIVE is designed to jam RFID signals using the most common bandwidth for contact-less devices of 13.56Mhz we also comply with international standards around RFID usage, as ArmourcardACTIVE is designed to stop people skimming your personal data, you should have no problems.

If you forget to either disable the jamming feature or take your RFID enabled card away from ArmourcardACTIVE when at a ‘wave & go’ payment terminal it can often reset the terminal. The best practice is to either disable jamming well before you tap&go or just take the credit card you want to pay with out of your wallet before you tap and go.

ArmourcardACTIVE creates a jamming forcefield that is in total over 90 mm, so 45 mm from the back of ArmourcardACTIVE and 45 mm from the front. So simply ensure your RFID (radio frequency identification) credit cards like your Visa PayWave® or Mastercards PayPass® or Amex ExpressPay® are all in this jamming proximity field.

Using your ‘Tap & Go’ RFID enabled cards

We recommend that you either use the temporarily disable ArmourcardACTIVE‘s jamming signal button first if you are wanting to use the ‘Tap & Go’ payment terminals.

Simply depress your thumb or finger on the red switch, this will disable the jamming while your finger is depressed allowing for your transaction to proceed.

Or you could simply take your ‘Tap & Go’ payment card out of your wallet and use it, ensuring that it is nowhere near the ArmourcardACTIVE.

*Note: disabling the jamming only happens while you have your finger is pressed on the switch. If you remove your finger ‘Active jamming’ commences.

We also advise to not wave your ArmourcardACTIVE across the terminals as this could cause a terminal re-boot which could be a hassle for you trying to pay fast.


Please note: Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass & American Express ExpressPay are all registered trademarks of the aforementioned relevant card issuing companies, These companies do not sponsor or officially endorse this product or website, Armourcard merely provides a security solution to consumers concerns over the use of this ‘contactless’ technology

To receive the best results from your ArmourcardACTIVE we suggest you keep all your RFID-enabled cards stacked/layered together within your wallet or purse.

Then simply place ArmourcardACTIVE in the most convenient spot so you can use the ‘temporarily disable jamming button’ that will enable you to use your ‘Tap & Go’ payment cards like PayWave or PayPass as normal without having to take your cards out of your wallet to use the gateways or having to take them away from ArmourcardACTIVE‘s jamming signal.

Pretty convenient isn’t it. You get the best of both worlds.

Now ArmourcardACTIVE‘s Jamming protects all your data from ePickpockets and gives you the convenience to temporarily turn off ArmourcardACTIVE‘s jamming so you can still get all the benefits of fast check-outs with the ‘wave & go’ payment terminals.

ePassportInternetFirstly if your passport has the symbol on it (see right) then it is an ePassport and can communicate your data wirelessly to an RFID reader.

We have developed PassportBLOCK that is a super convenient device that sits inside your passport like a bookmark and blocks any unwanted interrogation by RFID readers / skimmers. This gives you the ultimate protection of your sensitive identity documents while you travel abroad.

Please ensure that the PassportBLOCK is away from your passports when you give it to customs for them to scan your passport, if you don’t the customs system will show a read error and you may get taken aside to get your passport read from another terminal / customs operator.

To find out more about PassportBLOCK go here

Your Armourcard products are fine and approved to go through airport security.

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