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Keep your passport secure when traveling with PassportBLOCK.

Protects your passport with RFID blocking protection via our non-intrusive streamline solution. A passport shield like no other on the market. Why? because we created it.

Your passport contains everything needed to prove your identity and is therefore very valuable to criminals.

Our slimline RFID blocking PassportBLOCK provides travel security protection and peace of mind.

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Passport Holders with superior RFID Protection to jam out criminals is easy with PassportBLOCK

Your travel passport is a valuable document & having top-level passport holders protect this document is a must in this era. Your passport proves your identity and citizenship while traveling. An e-Passport contains an electronic Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) chip. The chip holds the same information that is printed on the passport’s data page: the holder’s name, date of birth, and other biographic information.

Identity theft is on the rise and, while we are growing more savvy around scam emails and calls, we are still vulnerable to unseen attacks. In these uncertain times, it is increasingly important to secure our personal data as people become more desperate and turn to crime. We have developed PassportBLOCK as a simple and easy travel security accessory to prevent identity theft. The RFID blocking technology stops criminals from being able to scan and steal your personal data.



  • Our entire business is about providing solutions to make you safe
  • RFID Signal Scramble Technology
  • Proven to stop Hackers & Skimmers
  • Market-leading and our own patented technology
  • Sold our products all over the world
  • Trusted Australian Business
  • We use PayPal as our payment gateway so you know your payment data is safe
  • Armourcard has been featured on CNN, Fox News, A Current Affair, Today Show, and many more media outlets

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