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Make your Android Smart phone a Safe phone, and protect your identity!

AndroidCHECK Your Phone’s Compatibility here: Does your Andriod phone have NFC (tap & go) technology? Google the specs of your phone and check, if it has NFC (Near Field Communication) as one of its spec’s then you can use an Armourcell to close the vulnerability until you want to use it.
If you can’t find the spec’s Please email us and we will check it for you.

Armourcell Phone ProtectionKeeps your phone data safe 24/7. Armourcell uses advanced micro modulation techniques to create an electronic force field around your cell phone. Not a passive solution like others, Armourcell is a signal jammer, powered by the NFC field emitted by cell phone so it does not drain your battery, capable of protecting most Android phones with an NFC chip operating at 13.56 MHz.

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Armourcell Phone Protection

Armourcell is an electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal data from being stolen from your smartphone by malicious code injection via the NFC feature on your smartphone by criminals.

  • Android compatible
  • Works on over 500 models of cell phone (there are currently 500 models with NFC Chips)
  • The ONLY NFC Cell Phone protection on the market
  • Keeps people from planting malware on your phone
  • Shuts down the NFC vulnerability
  • Does not interfere with any other cell phone operations
  • 24/7 Electronic protection, keeps your cell phone closed to hackers
  • Prevents your phone from becoming a sniffer
  • Does not drain the battery life of your phone
  • Harnesses the power of the field emitted by the NFC chip in your phone


  • Established in 2013 – Armourcard is a security solutions business only
  • Our product range is to help prevent you from being skimmed or becoming a victim of identity theft and in general products to help keep you and your assets safe
  • Our entire business is about providing solutions to make you safe
  • We are only in the business of providing products to help prevent identity theft
  • Market-leading and our own patented technology
  • 12 Month Manufactures Warranty
  • We sell our products all over the world
  • Trusted Australian Business
  • We use PayPal as our payment gateway so you know your payment data is safe
  • Armourcard featured in the mediaArmourcard has been featured on CNN, Fox News, A Current Affair, Today Show, and many more media outlets
  • Secure your identity today »


  • Proven to stop Hackers & Skimmers
  • Holistic Security Protection
  • Online Support
  • FCC, CE Certified & RCM Compliant


Secure your identity today »

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