Why is Armourcard Better?

8 simple reasons why Armourcard products are better:


Armourcard Actively and electronically jams RFID signals communicating on the most common frequency (13.56Mhz) for contact-less devices like credit cards & ePassports. Armourcard is the only product to have and requires FCC (Federal Communication Commission) approval and certification because we actually emit an electronic jamming signal. Do your research and you will find that passive imitations do not protect your data like Armourcard.


ArmourcardACTIVE utilises eField technology, it harnesses the electromagnetic field generated by the interrogating RFID signal emitted by the skimmer trying to access your data.


ArmourcardACTIVE can protect multiple cards within the jamming proximity forcefield


You are still able to use ‘Tap & Go’ payment terminals, (you can temporarily disable the ArmourcardACTIVE jamming signal and use the facilities as normal.) Just disable then ‘Wave & Go’. You get the best of both worlds. The great convenience of tap & go for payments without the security problems that go with that convenience.


Knowing that you have the most superior electronic protection in place to protect you from electronic pickpockets, high-tech hijacking, and even identity theft.


ArmourcardACTIVE fits into any wallet or purse just like normal cards but gives you the most superior protection on the market.


The choice is back in your hands. (You are no longer forced to buy ugly wallets or sleeves) you can simply put the ArmourcardACTIVE in any wallet or purse.


Our PassportBLOCK protects your ePassports, it’s very simple and easy to use just like a bookmark that blocks out criminals reading your passport data.

The latest generation Blocking Card from Armourcard

Born out of security concerns surrounding RFID technology roll-out.

Armourcard was developed due to concern over how easy RFID technology could be compromised.

RFID technology and the security risks associated with it are well documented, just do a search on google for RFID security breaches you will find loads of examples. Financial institutions, governments and big business have implemented this technology with a global push over the last few years, they have assessed the risk to there business and the profit or benefits far out weight the risk for them.

RFID technology is here to stay regardless of the risks.

That maybe fine for them and the big end of town where the risk is acceptable verses profit, but we were not comfortable with our personal data at risk at any level and a breach of our personal data for us is a major issue to us and NOT to them.

After doing some research around RFID and the security issues and products^ currently on the market to protect you from ePickpocketing.  We realised they were not good enough to risk our own personal data with.

We created Armourcard with patented* technology inside that can now offer ‘ACTIVE RFID PROTECTION’ so we and you can feel secure using this RFID / NFC technology that is rolling into our lives in a big way now & in the future.


After researching what was on the market did not want our personal data’s security left to the questionable effectiveness of passive RFID shielding or blocking items (wallets, sleeves etc) on the market.

What is the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE protection?

Firstly lets break down what we mean by ‘Active’ & ‘Passive’ protection.

What is Passive RFID Protection?

Passive Protection means items like, aluminium wallets or sleeves that try to “block or shield” a RFID reader from reading the RFID cards by shielding or blocking signals with the use of materials.^


RFID blocking is a form of passive shielding of RFID signals through either a metallic encased wallet like Aluma Wallet or a passive lined material RFID blocking wallet or RFID blocking sleeve like most you see on the market currently. This passive protection has varied effectiveness^

What is Active RFID Protection?

Armourcard‘s patented* ‘Active RFID Protection’ means that once you place Armourcard in any wallet or purse it is ready to protect you and your data electronically.

If a criminal tries to read any of your RFID enabled cards, Armourcard instantly powers up and puts out a battery boosted jamming signal that electronically jams the communication link between your contact-less cards (Tap & Go) and the criminals reader trying to skim them for your personal data.


Unlike other passive card type protection, Armourcard does not rely on the power of a RFID signal to power up its jamming forcefield, that is why Armourcard can jam and protect with a greater protective field of over 150mm (6 inches) in total giving you a superior battery boosted electronic forcefield of protection around your RFID cards & documents.


Jamming is better than blocking.

Why Armourcard’s Active Jamming is better protection that Passive blocking or shielding

Some people will tell your that passive protection like RFID blocking or shielding is enough to protect you, then on the other hand there are skilled hackers who tell us that if they dial up a more powerful RFID readers output it can penetrate passive shielding measures like RFID blocking by RFID blocking sleeves and RFID blocking wallets.^

Armourcard offers ACTIVE security measures that electronically JAM all signals operating on the frequency these contact-less devices communicate over (13.56 Mhz).

Armourcard is powered by its own power source (battery) so doesn’t rely on the electromagnetic fields created by Radio Frequency to power up Armourcard’s electronic jamming force-field.

When Armourcard detects a RFID reader trying to communicate, it instantly powers up and jams all signals regardless of who’s it is. Doesn’t matter how much the hacker dials up the RFID signal it will not circumvent Armourcard’s jamming of the communication link these devices communicate over.


^ “Passive Shields or metallic wallets – Only reduce the signal strength, this will not block a high-powered RFID reader” – Credit Card Fraud Report – The contact-less Generation | Kristin Paget | Chief Hacker, Recursion Ventures. Please note Kristin Paget does not sponsor or officially endorse this website or product, we have only referenced a report that is freely available online to download and read. All credit for the report and its findings go to Kristin Paget.
* Australian Patent: AU2013354900 |US patent 9596051 | International Patent pending