Electronic Pickpockets

Any place, Anytime.. You could be skimmed

Electronic pickpockets are the new wave in criminals that will skim your personal details from your credit cards, debit cards, passports any any other RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled devices that are on the frequency they are skimming.

The frequency  most commonly used for contact-less devices is13.56 MHz and is used to transmit from your ‘Tap & Go’ credit cards or passports to a RFID reader trying to interrogate your cards or passports for personal data.

The fatal flaw with this RFID technology leaves you vulnerable

The very nature of this technology (RFID) allows the transmitting of data across open airwaves and there lays it’s fatal flaw. Anyone with a reader or now a NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smartphone who does a quick search online or in the app store can download FREE software / apps that turn those devices (RFID readers & NFC enabled smartphones) into skimming devices used to access your personal data by electronic pickpockets.

Gone are the days when a pickpocket has to distract you then close in on the mark (you) and physically lift your wallet to get the credit cards now they can lift your credit card details just by standing near you and wirelessly skimming you.

Now anyone with a NFC enabled smartphone can start to skim your data

Now anyone with smartphone can potentially start skimming and become an electronic pickpocket. That opens up an entire type of crime know as “opportunist”, these people may not be hardened criminals they maybe the guy next to you on the escalator in the shopping mall or the person on the train platform standing in the middle of peak hour.

It’s scary to think that now its that easy to get your personal data.

You must be active in protecting yourself and your data

The best way to protect yourself from this invisible crime that uses the very same technology you have in your wallet against you is to have an Armourcard in your wallet.

Armourcard protects your tap & go cards & passports from being skimmed Armourcard is the only product that tackles this technological crime with technology. Armourcard electronically jams the frequency or the communication link between the reader trying to interrogate your cards / passports and those items, so data can be skimmed or transmitted across that frequency.

If you value your personal data being kept private then you need Armourcard


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