ARMOURKEY : Car Key Fob RFID Blocking Pouch

Car Key Fob Blocker Protection

with ArmourKEY

Car Key Fob Protection with ArmourKEY:

Protect your vehicle

Prevent your vehicle’s electronic key fob from being skimmed. Criminals are using relay attacks and cloning attacks to break into your cars today.

Make it hard for criminals

Use an ArmourKEY shielding Fob pouch to protect your key fob from being cloned.

Stop criminals using signal relay attacks with our signal blocking pouch for car keys. Our nano technology provides the ultimate RFID protection for key fobs.

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  • Nano Blocking Technology
  • Proven to stop Hackers & Skimmers
  • Holistic Security Protection
  • Online Support

Secure your vehicle today!

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ArmourKEY - car key fob protection

Best of all, we've made sure it's affordable

Protection from criminal predators is something we all deserve.
Let's put an end to vehicle theft!

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and that's how it should be!"

-J. Poirrier

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I love it!"

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