Credit Card Protection

Do I need Credit Card Protection?

With the global roll-out of ‘wave & go’ payment terminals teamed with the roll-out of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled credit & debit cards, there has never been a more prevalent time to have Credit Card Protection.

Pay-wave-pass (1)If you own any cards with the following symbols:

MasterCard PayPass*
VisaCard PayWave*
Amex XpressPay*

Then your cards carry a microchip and are RFID enabled. This RFID technology has its vulnerabilities and criminals exploit those to hack the cards and often can gain your personal identity information.

It’s not just about the loss of money, its more about identity theft protection.

We applaud the financial institutions for implementing some safety measures like limiting the transaction amount to under $100 and for using encryption, but it has been shown by the hacking community time & again that any encryption can be un-encrypted.

We understand the financial institutions will guarantee against and fiscal fraud# from your RFID enabled cards, however that says to us that….

The banks know that the technology has its vulnerabilities but are committed to the roll-out and these measures are to help minimise the risk and hopefully make their customers feel at ease using the ‘tap & go’ payment gateways and not think about the very real possibility of fraud happening to them.

Just do a Google search for RFID credit card skimming and you will see many examples & stories.

We did not want to risk our own data
being skimmed using this same technology.

At ARMOURCARD we personally did not want to risk our personal information & identity being compromised through this technology that often is given to us by the banks without even asking.

That is why we developed ARMOURCARD which offers ‘Active RFID Credit Card Protection‘.

ARMOURCARD simply sits inside your wallet or purse along with your other credit cards. When a RFID reader tries to communicate with your credit cards, ARMOURCARD boots up and jams the RFID signal so no communication or data is able to be transmitted.

Don’t be left in the dark!

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