What is Armourcard?

The New Generation Armourcard has arrived: Introducing ArmourcardACTIVE

ArmourcardACTIVE utilises the latest jamming & blocking technology to provide a market-leading credit card-sized electronic protective device that emits a jamming force-field to protect your personal bank card data from being skimmed by RFID / NFC skimming criminals.

  • The New Generation ArmourcardACTIVE is an electronic countermeasure to help protect your personal data from being wirelessly skimmed by electronic pickpockets or high-tech hijacking of your personal bank card data by criminals
  • Armourcard was the first product to offer an ‘Active’ electronic solution to protecting your RFID* & NFC* enabled contactless devices like (‘Tap & Go’ credit cards and ePassports).
  • Armourcard’s patented technology allows you to temporarily disable the jamming field allowing you to still use the convenience of the tap & go check-out safely

Market leading technology that helps you protect your bank cards easily

It has never been easier to skim your cards, it is also now easy and affordable to protect your card details with ArmourcardACTIVE.                 

*RFID – Radio Frequency Identification & NFC – Near Field Communication