February 2014

And the winner for most consumer complaint in 2013  is…… (drum roll)….Identity Theft again….!


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Another year….another huge dollar amount gets ripped off by identity theft. A lot of people still think “it will never happen to me…!”  but hell it seems to happen to a lot of people and it is again the most complained about crime in the US for the past 7 years or so.
So if you think identity theft will never cross your path, I’d be seriously looking for a rehab for  denial thinking.
Time to start believing that this is now the world we live in & you must start to take back some of the responsibility for controlling your personal privacy in this open airwaves / wireless age we live in.
It starts with Armourcard.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Released Thursday 27th February 2014

The seemingly intractable problem of identity theft led the list of top consumer complaints once again in 2013, with U.S. consumers reporting that they lost over $1.6 billion to various types of fraud, the Federal Trade Commission said in a report released on Thursday 27th February 2014.

Identity thieves can make purchases on credit cards they do not own, make withdrawals from a victim’s bank account or take out loans in the victim’s name, among other kinds of fraud.

Florida had the highest per capita rate of fraud, with 804.9 people reporting a problem out of every 100,000 in population, the FTC said in its report for 2013. North Dakota had the lowest rate of reported fraud.

I want to implement the first line of defence….

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By Tyler Harris

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