August 2014

Mythbusters Banned from airing RFID story

The hit Discovery channel show Mythbusters recently wanted to air an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were.  It’s still not clear as to why they were not allowed to proceed in airing the show but as Adam Savage the co-host of the hit show eludes to in this interview, some very powerful people / companies made sure that it would never air.

Everyone would’ve learned more about the technology that?s invisibly invading our lives and the vulnerabilities surrounding this global uptake and usage of these technologies on us by the big end of town.

Talk about shutting down and closing ranks…… it seems the card issuing companies and RFID manufacturers really don’t want us (we the people) to know how vulnerable this technology is and how easy it is to hack / skim.

Thanks Mythbusters for trying to expose this vulnerable technology and although your piece did not go live on the Mythbusters show the surrounding hype about the show being pulled shows just how vulnerable we are to skimming.

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By Tyler Harris


Identity Theft on the rise in Australia.

A recent report that has been released in Australia shows that we are NOT immune to the global increase in identity theft, in-fact Australians are pretty soft targets.

It will never happen to me

The reasons for this rang from the attitude “it will never happen to me” to just being lackluster about basic security of your personal details, from securing your mail box to shredding your bank statements to even being on the look out for skimmers that skim your data, Australian’s are too laid back with their personal data & are easy targets for Identity theft or credit theft.

Veda, credit information company analysed $1.6 trillion worth of credit applications in the year to June 30 and found that $1.9 billion worth of those applications posed fraud risks.

1.9 Billion worth fraud risks

Veda’s general manager of fraud and identity solutions Imelda Newton said

“Identity theft was the fastest growing form of credit application fraud, as fraudsters continuously change their tactics.

What we’ve found is that the fraudsters have adopted using stolen identities as opposed to using fictitious identities,” Ms Newton said.

“In fact, over the past year, we’ve seen the use of those stolen identities increase 103 per cent.”

The information can be collected by fraudsters breaking into people’s homes, taking mail from their letterboxes or stealing wallets and handbags or even being wirelessly skimmed.

103% increase in the past year.

The fraudster then assumes the victim’s identity and applies for credit in their name. You can guarantee the financial institutions will not cover the fraud on that type of crime against your name.

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Identity theft prevention with Armourcard

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