May 2015

iTwire asks Armourcard about electronic pickpockets and wireless skimming and what you need to know

AlexIn a recent video interview and story by Alex Zaharov-Reutt from iTwire and our CEO Tyler Harris whereby they candidly discuss and help consumers understand a little more about the vulnerabilities around this RFID technology roll-out and how to best protect yourself.

In the interview, Harris talks about the history of RFID from its origins as a ‘SpyTool’ from the cold war to current day and future applications that will be coming to a wallet near you soon.

If you know nothing about this technology this interview is a great place to start understanding what you can do to protect yourself.

Thanks, Alex from iTwire for taking the time with Tyler and supporting our Australian invention we really appreciate both yours and iTwire support.

IT-Wire-logoTo also read the full story on iTwire please go here

TravelTalk one of the premier travel industry publications recently had a chat with our CEO Tyler Harris on how to best protect yourself while travelling from this invisible crime called ‘Electronic Pickpocketing’.

Harris explains how the crime happens and how ‘we’ as consumers/travellers need to be very aware of how easy it now is to gain access to your personal data. This includes your ePassports, ‘tap & go’ credit and debit cards along with many hotel room key cards that all use RFID technology to transmit your data over open airways that can be intercepted by criminals with ease.

Read the full TravelTalk article here