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There’s a lot of stories in the media at the moment in light of revelations that certain government agencies can hack into your smartphone.

Whether it’s for spying on you for audio bits, capturing visual bits by turning your camera on without you ever knowing or just tracking your where abouts, it seems Smartphone hacking is hitting the mainstream.

Criminals have been looking for ways to exploit smartphones since they were invented way back when Steve Jobs released the first generation iPhone® on June 29th 2007.

Fast forward almost ten years and how our lives have changed because of that “light bulb” moment from Apple. Every year at the hackers convention Def Con held in Las Vegas these hackers  are show casing how easy these technologies we use daily are open and vulnerable to hacking.

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The interesting thing is that most people who have ever used “Find My” feature for a lost phone, laptop etc is tapping into a form of surveillance. Whether it’s a partner tracking a spouse’s movements or downloading malicious code hidden in an app your kids just to downloaded to somebody walking past you in the street injecting malicious code via the backdoor through the NFC (Near Field Communication) or tap and go / bump feature located on most smartphones these days.

The fact is with so much information on our smartphones its just way to tempting to not be exploited by criminals and let’s just say certain “agencies”.

As smartphone owners, we need to start stepping up security measures and that starts with simple things like two-stage pin security code, knowing what you’re downloading is from a reliable source, checking permissions of the apps your downloading etc.

Armourcell stops Smartphone hackingThe harder thing to monitor is walk-by NFC injections, this is when somebody injects a malicious code into your phone via the NFC feature that tells your phone to do something (like next time your in a wifi zone, your phone is fooled to back up, then boots up a browser in the background to a malicious web address that copies all your files to the server) Scary stuff and everything & I mean everything is worth money on the dark web or deep web.

At Armourcard™ we knew this vulnerability was coming and that’s why we developed our latest product called Armourcell™ which utilises our patented micro jamming technology found in our original Armourcard product and applies it to your Android smartphone.

Armourcell™ effectively shuts the NFC backdoor into your phone and also stops your phone acting as a sniffer via the NFC feature for credit card data out in the open.


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How your smartphone can get hacked by people walking next to you

60 Minutes USA recently did a great story on how criminals are able to hack into your smartphone by walking near you.

The story covered a few interesting developments. We at Armourcard were already across from the NFC exploitation of the android platform by contactless malicious code injection to trojans being hidden in free apps like games that you or children download.


You can view the full 60 minutes news story on smartphone hacking here

The malicious code injection or a hidden trojan can reap havoc by telling your cell phone to do something remotely. For example, with a little bit of malicious code injected via the NFC feature on your smartphone and with a walk-by from a criminal pushing out the malicious RFID signal to your phone via the NFC / RFID chip, the hack can tell your phone that next time you’re in a wifi zone to open up a browser in the background to a malicious URL that fools your phone to ‘update or backup’ to the cloud.

All your data from that smartphone is gone in an instant to “the cloud”(a hackers server).  Every ounce of data has a price and all these pieces are carved up by what is now known as a digital ‘chop shop’ and sold off. Everything from emails, SMS, passwords, credit card info, geo-location data. And what is most alarming is that your photos and photos of your family and kids can be sold and resurface on unsavory websites.

Armourcell Phone ProtectionThis new wave of crime which is starting to become more prevalent and is the reason we developed our latest product called Armourcell. It uses the same micro-jamming technology we developed for Armourcard and applies it to the NFC chip in your smartphone, effectively we close the backdoor to your cell phone by jamming the NFC signal until you want to use it. Given that this crime was most recently covered by 60 Minutes USA who ran two separate stories on hacking your smartphone just goes to shows that this crime is becoming mainstream today.

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All credit goes to the 60 minutes team in the USA for producing this story, you can see the original article on their website here at the 60 minutes news story on smartphone hacking

Mythbusters Banned from airing RFID story

The hit Discovery channel show Mythbusters recently wanted to air an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were.  It’s still not clear as to why they were not allowed to proceed in airing the show but as Adam Savage the co-host of the hit show eludes to in this interview, some very powerful people / companies made sure that it would never air.

Everyone would’ve learned more about the technology that?s invisibly invading our lives and the vulnerabilities surrounding this global uptake and usage of these technologies on us by the big end of town.

Talk about shutting down and closing ranks…… it seems the card issuing companies and RFID manufacturers really don’t want us (we the people) to know how vulnerable this technology is and how easy it is to hack / skim.

Thanks Mythbusters for trying to expose this vulnerable technology and although your piece did not go live on the Mythbusters show the surrounding hype about the show being pulled shows just how vulnerable we are to skimming.

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By Tyler Harris