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Electronic Pickpocketing is only going to increase with the RFID technology roll out.

Wireless skimming is here to stay, don’t just believe us look at all the major news coverage on this growing global crime.

Channel 10 News Sydney Australia – Reports on Tap & Go technology has led to a rise in credit card crime & identity theft

Interesting report that recently aired on Australian News Channel 10 about the increase in credit card fraud & identity theft due to the wireless technology (RFID) found in Tap & Go credit cards.Although the report states that passive devices like aluminium lined wallets or credit card sleeves are the solution, we know that these passive devices can still often be penetrated if the skimmer dials up the power on the RFID reader & boosts the antenna strength, both easily able to be done with instructions online.

These passive means of protection devices (RFID blocking wallets or shielding credit card sleeves) at the most may limit the distance you could get skimmed but you still could get skimmed.

That is why we developed Armourcard, the worlds 1st Active RFID & NFC protective device (Card), we don’t try to block or shield an RFID signal, Armourcard powers up and actively jams the frequency these credit cards & ePassports communicate over (13.56MHz) so it doesn’t matter how much power is boosted in a reader they can NOT circumvent the jam.

Armourcard creates a jamming force field up to 70mm each side of the card & the battery last up to 4 years with average use.

NB6 – South Florida – March 2014

Miami Police on Electronic Pickpocketing, “No doubt it’s happening”


Comprehensive report by Canadian show 16 X 9

Although this video features competitors to our product we applaud Walt Augustinowicz of ID stronghold on getting the message out their once again, even through his products are passive RFID blockers or shielding and we believe along with the hacking community not as secure as ARMOURCARD’s patent (pending) active RFID protection, Walt does a great job in showing the vulnerabilities surrounding RFID. Well done Walt.

My Fox Chicago Report

NFC HACK with smartphone

This video show how easy it is for a hacker to skim your cards with a smartphone & a free app using NFC and proxy.

KOMO 4 News Seattle

Great recent report on smartphones and electronic skimming of your credit cards.