What is Skimming?

Any place, Anytime.. You could be skimmed

Skimming can come in many forms from wirelessly skimming your credit cards via the RFID or NFC chips within your smart phones to physical skimming devices that get attached to gas pumps and ATM machines.

Armourcard offers the most superior protection from the invisible crime known as wireless skimming, crowd hacking, RFID skimming and also called electronic pickpocketing.

The criminals use skimming to lift your personal data to use it fraudulently, whether for monetary gain (skimming your credit cards to make purchases) or the more sinister act of skimming your data to help profile you for identity theft.

Skimming criminals fall into two main categories

The first is the ‘opportunist’ criminal, these criminals will utilise freely available technology like a smartphone and download free skimming apps that turn their NFC enable smartphone into a mobile skimmer. The criminals generally start skimming in places where there are crowds of people like your local shopping mall, transport hub or even standing in a cue for a morning coffee. These criminals are often skimming for monetary gain to purchase goods to buy immediately like expensive cigarettes. They will skim your credit card without you ever knowing and utilise the details to obtains goods either by an established method / network or by plan out buying stuff. These opportunist crimes often go undetected as the amount falls under the ‘Tap & Go’ skimming amount your bank allows on these contactless cards.

The second type of criminal are more ‘organised’ and have better equipment, they will harvest many details and ship them off shore or utilise them to profile the victims for possible identity theft. 

These organised criminals have the best purpose built skimming equipment whether its hard wired devices attached to ATM’s with cameras, heat sensors or boosted RFID skimming devices capable of skimming peoples data and instantly sending it to the other side of the world to be cloned or used instantly.

The invisible crime.

What you need to do to protect your personal data. 

At Armourcard we believe that it was time to start to take back control of securing your personal information and protect it from this growing global crime. That is why we developed Armourcard. Armourcard is the only product that has FCC certification and approval, that is because Armourcard is the only product to electronically jam the communication link so no criminals can skim your credit cards or passports if Armourcard is protecting them.

Isn’t it time you take back control? – It starts with Armourcard


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