Electronic Pickpocketing is a very real problem.

In this report by KOMO 4 News in Seattle, it shows how easy it is to be electronically pick-pocketed. Now with the influx of new smartphones on the market that are Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled teamed with free apps anyone can now skim your credit cards and use them with ease. Credit Card Protection is needed now more than ever.

It seems even the card issuing companies like MasterCard are finally admitting (although with smoke and mirrors) there is an issue.

The official response by MasterCard

It’s aware of the situation…

The circumstances under which it can occur in the real world are extremely rare

We don’t consider this to be a serious threat to our cardholders.

Beth Kitchener
Mastercard Worldwide

Sounds a lot like a position from a company who has invested billions in the roll-out of this vulnerable technology and have accessed the risk (to them) not to their customers and that risk is acceptable.

It seems they have recently changed position, as not long ago they told us they have never heard of a case of electronic pickpocketing being reported.? Which in itself is rather strange as how are you to know you where ePickpocketted in the first place as no physical loss of cards, so who would know when and how it happened.

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